Tuesday, August 04, 2009

And this is Enzo

Dogs are fascinating creatures. Or at least men have made them out to be, because they say dogs are loyal and that is despite the number of ass they sniff and do people actually realize how promiscuous dogs are?

That said, I’ve always been a huge dog lover. I hate Chihuahua’s because if they had shorter legs, they could pass of as a rat, but generally I love dogs. I don’t know why I do because I’ve actually never had a good experience with them.

When I was 7, my neighbour’s dog ran out of the house when we were playing by the road. I was always good at running but my sister shouted out to me.

“Don’t run! The dog will chase you!”

I was 7, my sister was 8 and I trusted in her worldly wisdom. I stopped, she continued running, along with all the other kids. I had to get 4 stitches on the arm 2 hours later. Till this day I still wondered why I actually believed her.

Just over the week, Poca got a new Golden Retriever puppy that she named him, Enzo and he is the coolest puppy ever. He loves licking, nibbling and resting on boobs. He hates to be put in a box – I relate to that metaphorically -, he eats, sleeps and pees consistently and he whines when he doesn’t get attention. He sounds exactly like me already.

I’ve always known that it takes a lot of time and commitment to raise a dog, or if you are living in my house, consent from my dad, because I don’t think I know anyone who detest animals more than my dad. When he first saw Enzo, he was staring at him with so much contempt; I thought my dad perhaps thought Enzo was a bear or a porcupine.

I don’t know much about puppies, but Enzo pees like he is trying to turn my front porch into a lake. Which was why we were worried to have him sleep in my room because pee on my parquet floor is hardly amusing. I also didn’t want him to be left at the porch because my neighbours are Chinese nationals and people eat dogs there like it is french fries.

The amazing thing was that for the entirety that we had him in the room, he never once peed. He chewed on my cable wires a lot but he didn’t pee. He also chewed on my pants and bed sheet, but he didn’t pee, which is a merit by itself.

Maybe he knew the consequences of it. Every time he chewed on our fingers, we would flick his mouth so I think at 3 months old, he knew that we were going to castrate him if he peed in my room. He is one amazing dog who cherishes his penis.

And so my chapter with him begins..


At 8:15 AM, Anonymous warmsocks said...

Having a dog for people like us is always life changing- I just got myself one too- now I find myself headed home early even during a night out, because Furball just hates being alone at home.
Sad, but true.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous warmsocks said...

Having a dog for people like us is always life changing- I just got myself one too- now I find myself headed home early even during a night out, because Furball just hates being alone at home.
Sad, but true.

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