Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Phuket Escape - Pt 2

Day 2 – Phi Phi Island

Note: This is a mild digression from the main story line.

Perhaps the only temptation that lured me away from my Thai Doll in Phuket to Phi Phi Island, was my warped geographical imagination of crystal clear waters washing up on white sandy beaches. And of cos, instigated largely on being informed by Huixx that it is a junkie’s arcadia.

I fell asleep on the 1.45 hr ferry ride, only to wake up to some punk kid pulling my hair. I’d have turned round and given that 5 yr old a flying elbow of the window ledge, had the father been 80 pounds smaller.

Everything was turning out to be a disaster. The room could have doubled as Changi’s detention barracks historical preservation project. Brandish me spoilt, but it was missing that one jewel box. An air-con.

Huixx made the smart break and went off with her German banker, while the remaining three of us decided to salvage this collapse with a mandatory trip to the one place that made Phi Phi famous. Maya Bay, film location of The Beach.

Other than our boatman who was initially pissed with us for bargaining on absurdity and looked like he was ready to flip the boat in the open sea, everything was going well. The sun periodically made intense appearances, before retreating back which allowed me to bask carelessly without sunblock lotion.

By the time we anchored slightly off shore, I was baiting an invite. I inched myself closer to the boatman as he prepped the bong, flippantly regurgitating out loud thoughts like, “I wonder if it’s good.”. Once smartened up and offered the obligatory round, I took several aggressive go at the bong and before I knew it, I was no longer in a state clear enough to be snorkeling or diving off boats.

And the remainder of the night was forgettable, save for the seafood pizza over dinner and drooling on the massage pillow. I was severely incapacitated with fatigue and I fell to bed palsied, even against the invite of smoking a joint.

Day 3

Leaving Phi Phi was the one thing I was looking forward to all morning. The best farewell memory was the trademark pancake. Forgivable even for blatantly ripping of prata. Mayonnaise and ham may fool some, but I know prata when I see one.

Even standing on the deck in a mild drizzle and strong winds was more enjoyable than the time spent in abeyance at Phi Phi. It also helped that women’s skirts were constantly being blown up.

Back to Phuket. The Story continues...

It’s awfully sad how a day’s absence can siphon my interest in a person. I fulfilled my promise to call Jeang, though I blew off the chance to meet for dinner. It was back to re-tracing the winning formula for a fun night, which to this point would primarily consist of plastering my ass to the bar at Erotica.

Whilst the novelty died a little, my little beating heart was still wooed each time Jeang got on stage and her every little wink cajoled me into outstaying my intention. And then I begun doing what I do best, shooting myself in the foot.

Jeang’s tedious dance routines opened up intermittent interludes where I relived myself from the feverish pitch of wolf whistling and applause to tease a possibility with Pai (the door bitch), which would always start with her stealing smiles from the door and ending with her feign collapse into my arms.

The only thing that took the thrill out of the chase was her obvious interest in me. It climaxed to her bending over to whisper to me, whilst she balanced her weight on her right arm strategically placed between my inner tighs.

Pai: “I’m going anywhere you’re going tonight.”

I feign nonchalance then tell her I’d be heading to Seduction.

It never crossed my mind that I was actually treading dangerous grounds and running a gauntlet of double edged swords. I was seeing two girls working at the same place and the possible implosion of this would amount to a wasted erection.

Just as I’m ready to meet Pai at Seduction, Jeang springs an unexpected call to have supper together. Images of her in the power suit and kimono drown all sensibility and logic in me. Even despite LB warning me that I’m giving up on definite pussy for an improbable one, I allow my fetish for sharp noses and frantic costume changes to affect my better judgement.

Supper soon concerted into accompanying drinks at a pub. LB who had briefly left me over supper returned to regal me with tales of how Pai was actually waiting for me at Seduction.

Yet, Jeang remained that intoxicating brew of attention. The consequence of which I was certain to be regret the morning after or when I'm lying in bed alone, given that Huixx and Nikki were still frolicking with Caucasian hunks at Phi Phi and we had full allotment of the room. This was the only night I could legitimately take someone home with me without having to piss of all three tenants.

And then almost amazingly, I gave up one hook up to sit at a bar with the dancers and Jeang, listening to the horrible live band who continuously changed the lyrics of English songs and drunk Caucasians hopping around arhythmatically.

Then I got back to the room and ended my night with three murmurs.

Me: “Worst.decision.ever.”

And so I had to sacrifice one…


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