Monday, March 08, 2010

The MSN Spam

Is MSN messenger going bonkers, or has everyone turned into commercial spam bots?

My MSN is inundated with requests from strange emails that look suspiciously like they were created by porn actresses, pedophiles and axe murderers. And to top it all, suddenly half my friends are promoting health stimulants.

Is this the herald of the end of the world? Has the cyber world been corrupted by a virus that threatens to end all form of social communication? Am I forced to block every new friend add request? Without MSN, is there still life?

Just the other day, I decided to reply to a stranger with an email address that immediately told me that it was some spam gimmick, because it was made up of a string of unintelligible alphabets and number, either that or the owner was drunk when she created it.

My decision to reply was fuelled by boredom from just sitting through a lunch that didn’t interest me. I can’t say I was curious but I was wondering how their replies to me would be like if I didn’t give them anticipated replies.

It all started out with a ‘Hi” as with all generic conversations, but I was going to drag the conversation into an utter social oblivion that whoever was behind it, was going to delete me immediately.

It: “Hi.”
Me: “Hi
It: “Remind me again, which social networking site did I message you from?”

This gave it all away, because Facebook is pretty much the only social networking site I bother logging in to.

Me: “
It: "I’m 21/F, you are a guy right?
Me: “I am bisexual, I like fried chicken and animals.”
It: “Nice. Hey listen, I am going to login to a chat-room, do you have webcam and a high speed internet connection?”

Was this asshole even paying attention to what I was saying? Or was it just so fixated on selling me an idea that it has completely ignored my replies. I was convinced that this was either a spam bot or an insurance agent.

Me: “Stop wasting your time with webcams. If you are going to strip then come over to my place and do it. The address is Sesame Street, the corner right after Elmo’s.”

It: “I’ll give you the site to view me, but you have to promise that it’s only for you to watch.”

Me: “Watch you naked? No thanks. I’d rather watch you suck Garfield’s dick.”

It: “I have other friends if you are interested. The website is…”

I was really amazed that I was so tickled by the whole thing. I was actually enjoying myself talk trash to a computer. I am growing up to be a geek. If I don’t mitigate the situation soon, I might be jerking off to World of Warcraft in a couple of years.

I thought this was hilarious, so I told Poca about what I did over lunch.

Poca: “Are you a moron? By replying you are validating your email account!”

Oh so that’s how it works.


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