Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Phuket Return Pt 2 - The 'God Theory'

For the way we engaged the first night, the sustenance and emulation of it were already facing heavy contention from fatigue and the impending risk of out stripping our monetary resources.

The second day itself almost fully assimilated us into being genuine holidaymakers. The absence of the pumping bass, the distraction of girls in tight skirts, and suddenly we are subverted in normalcy. The routine beach trips (even if it was an excuse to bikini watch), the occasional plunge into the sea (even if it was to relieve ourselves) and the desire for a bronze tan. Maybe life isn’t entirely about alcohol after all.

It came to a point where we almost swore there was a diabolical scheme hedged to preclude us from a second venereal trail. In defense, we weren’t deliberately looking for an adventure, but we’ve been around long ago to know that veneries cannot be sought. They come to you.

But was there a divine intervention that would keep the trip from mellowing? Where are all the promised debauchery we signed up for?

And we came out with the ‘God Theory’

: “God must be saying ‘HAHAHAHA LOOK AT THOSE FOOLS’
Me: “Ya and he probably said, ‘Let’s give them a wild night and bait those idiots’. And we took it.."

God must probably have went,

Hmm, let’s give these two boys two women and see what they do with it. Oh, and we’ll make LB interested in one of them. And maybe we’ll just give Butterfly some alcohol. With alcohol, that idiot thinks everything is a good idea.”

It wasn’t that we weren’t enjoying any less, but if we had to continue the remain trip without a refreshed dose of carnal incontinence, I swear LB and I were going to give each other sympathy handjobs over meals. Suddenly, Phuket sucks.

And then it all got better..

The great thing about LB and me is that we compliment each other almost perfectly. On nights where I have a bad game, he steps up almost immediately to arrest the slide. Which is where the wingman comes in. The wingman’s importance cannot be undermined, nor can it be unduly discounted.

The wingman shadows the fisher (the one with more game) with the collective purposes of,

1. Prevent the not so hot friend from cock blocking, by keeping her occupied.
2. Provide the extra cock if needed.
3. Make sure the fisher closes*.

*Close: [def:/] : To stop wasting money and time on drinks and trivial pleasantries and proceed back to the room.

When we plucked two home the night before, we thought we played the A-game, but having two foreigners to go club hopping with us, LB was quickly becoming my favourite person.

Meet the Korean Sisters.... Phuket is back to being a great place.


At 12:18 PM, Blogger The Horny Bitch said...

Still love krabi..

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