Wednesday, April 09, 2008

YouTube's Best Contribution Pt 1

YouTube has done alot for the world, with the only exception being the proliferation of porn, but that will change very shortly when I acquire the entire company sometime this year as a Christmas present for my mum.

In honesty, this is perhaps the single greatest site on the entire web, coming in just a close second to my blog, and that itself is already a achievement. I am a great fan of YouTube for many reasons, free anime being just one of a magnitude of reasons why I believe this is the only site I will ever need if I were made to choose.

I am actually going to be on a sabbatical of sorts, so this would be quite an unorthodox post to buffer until I get back. I give you, the first part of the Best of what YouTube has given to us.

1. Pinoy Singers

For the ethno-jargon challenged people, Pinoy is a term coined to describe Philippinoes, simply beacuse its much easier to spell and has about 2 million less syllables.

Where Germans were born with knowledge on how to build cars, Indians to write computer programs and Japanese to give blowjobs, Pinoys were born to sing. If the whole country sang their national anthem simultaneously, it would be like listening to Angels whisper. Non-Pinoys should never sing their anthem, because we will make it sound bad.

The newspapers actually ran an article about Pinoy's who are flooding the internet with self-recorded videos of them doing covers of various songs, following the success of 2 of their fellow countrymen, Arnel Pineda and Charice Pempengco. I thank Reznor for making me want to be part Pinoy.

Arnel Pineda, was what you would call a Rock 'n' Roll Cinderella story. He started off as a lead singer for The Zoo, playing live gigs at pubs and posted their video's online. Eventually one night, Neil Schon from the group Journey (of Open Arms and Faithfully fame), stumbled upon a video of Arnel doing a cover of Journey's Faithfully and was amazed at his vocal resemblence to the original singer, Steve Perry.

As I type this, Arnel is now the new lead singer of Journey, stays in America and no longer needs to see his fellow countrymen fly off to Singapore to be domestic workers.

Charice Pempengco, is the latest export of the Philippines to the World's music industry. Charice was discovered after a video of her doing a cover of a song off the Dreamgirls soundtrack started circulating. It caused such a stir, she eventually got flown to the states to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

They are both amazing vocalist, who can keep me from charging down to the clubs for free flow. Everytime I hear them sing, I commence a labourious search on the web for voice implant surgery. No luck on that yet.

2. The Melbourne Shuffle

If you haven't been to the clubs of late, then you might not be aware of the revolution the Melbourne Shuffle has brought to the local Trance scene. And for this, YouTube is perhaps the pivitol culprit.

2 years ago when I started blogging about shuffling and it's merits to being picked up in clubs, only handful of people knew what the Melbourne Shuffle was. People would stop me to ask what dance I was doing and that eventually led to free drinks and sometimes, a blowjob. There were also less than 5 people at the clubs on any given night who shuffled then and if they did, we eventually became close friends. Today, people are shuffling at carparks and in toilets at the club and if I believe the videos, basketball courts.

Once upon a time, I always wished to meet more Shufflers (which is what people who do the Melbourne Shuffle call themselves), since that was such a rarity and it was always cool to have someone dance the way you did. Today, the scene is saturated by a less than impressive montley crew of boys. In short, it has degenerated into a showboat fest.

I'm disappointed not because I'm no longer unique, but because the scene has skewed from what I have come to love. To begin with, I was never a pioneer in this, although I started way before the trend hit. However, I believe I was a catalystic influence to the explosion of it, through writing, my public demonstration and introduction of it at the Cleo Bachelor roadshow last year and direct conversion of at least a dozen of my friends.

Today, idiots come up to me to challenge. Challenge? Since when did you have to challenge shuffling? Couple weeks back, this Malay guy actually came up to ask me how long I've been shuffling and this is verbatim,

He: "How long you learn how to shuffle eh bro?"
Me: "What?"
He: "I mean you start this year? I shuffle for a year already."

A year?! And you want to fucking brag to me about A YEAR? Look, I'm sure you shuffle great and all, but I fuck more women than you, so I'm really not interested in competing. I am just going to put this straight to you. If you JUST learned to shuffle a year ago, shut up and dance in your own spot, and don't even talk to me. I really don't want to know about you or your shuffling history or lack of it, because I know how it goes.

"Learned from YouTube"

There is no shame in that of course, since I had to learnt it through that too and at my time, if you typed "Melbourne Shuffle" on YouTube, the search result was ONLY about 10 videos. The only thing that pisses me off is when people are DAMN proud they can shuffle. Like dude, Malaysia was already into this 3 years ago, what's so proud about being slower than them?

The reason why this is listed in here, is because despite the evolution and assimilation of it into the mainstream, I still like the dance and it is one of the best ways to appreciate Trance.

Till then..


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