Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bye bye Singapore '07

If you haven't already heard about my Christmas and New Year plans, it means you are obviously not in my direct circle of friends. This is something for you to really work on. You should be. Everyone should love me. And those blessed enough to be, find me a liability when I'm drunk and hurling abuses at random idiots at Zouk's smoking area.

Yes, insulting people is enjoyable when I'm around.

I'm flying off to Taiwan for two weeks of mad partying and shopping with LB. Don't worry, I booked the tickets this time round, so I'm pretty sure our mis-adventures with flights will come to a halt and positive that the last airport debacle won't happen again.

Ah, Taiwan.. where the girls are pretty. I have one last city to paint in my colours of vice and debauchery before we bid farewell to 2007.

Lastly, for those interested in the yohgurt job and have emailed me, I've already replied you on who to look for. Do call him. They are still in need of girls.

Enjoy the read. I'm sure there's plenty for me to write on.


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