Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hate mail, Fan mail, Beer Survey

For those that wonder if I'm anything like my blog persona in person, well its a kaleidescope of both. Firstly, Butterfly is a caricature, I'm abit more dominating and obnoxious here than I am in person, HOWEVER, I'm pretty much still an asshole in person.

1. I'm vain. Ask anyone who knows me. Yet, I know the boundaries of my charm and attraction, until of cos I'm on juice, then I throw all caution to the wind and dare consequence to fuck me in the ass. Oh, believe me when I say it has.. one too many occassions for that matter.

2. I spout ALOT of stupid stuff when I start drinking. Without juice, I'm more reserved unless I'm in a group that can bring out the ass in me.

3. Yes, ALL the stories are true. I can be very mean if I have to. I have short attention span, lazy to commit to relationships and have a high propensity to fuck up on dates. That's me. I'm a teaser, but I do everything to entertain myself. Hey, everything should be about me anyway.

4. Seriously, anal people and goodie moralist straightjackets should stay clear of me. For the rest, I invite you into my world. Come drink with me, or if you need tips on how to ruin an outing or to make girls hate you, you should consult me. I have an impressive track record. If you haven't read, you should do it NOW. When I pass on, I'll be inducted into the halls of immortals and I'll be the evil twin of Cupid, wrecking dates up.

note: my knowledge of "Fucking dates up 101" can be found of MSN add me because you'll love me,

Back to current issues. Conservative people and me don't mix well. I met Red last night at a pub along Mohd Sultan where she was chilling with her frend. From what she tells me after the encounter, her friends don't like us much. Fuck them, not that I really care. I got a free shot of vodka from the bartender and that's all that matters.

We probe Red on the reason and gathered that straight jackets hate us. Well tons of her friends (guys) seem to hate me, but it only matters to me that she's smart enough to like me. Why would anyone hate me if they don't know me? Well, guys are jealous creatures. Anything prettier than them threatens them. Not everyone.. but a small percentage are like that. Fuck them, I hope they get leg cramps watching tv while a burglar comes in.

Hate mail:

I haven't gotten much but the first one I received was some prick criticising the way I wrote. I deleted the email because negativity and me don't gel well, and my ego for 'destructive' criticism is water off a duck's back. The contents had vulgarities littered through the passage that made reading onerous. Horrible words like "inconsistent", "lacking", "bad".. etc..

In a round up, I was being criticised for my inconsistency in writing, from colloquial ranting to engaging quips. Firstly, if you're smart enough, you'll realise that my context of stories require an amplitude of infomality. I can't be writing Queen's English for my stories now can I? I'll lose the hilarity of it. The reason why I refrain largely from writing in impressively complex or poetical sentence structures is because feedbacks inform me that this is a much easier read.


The other had just 4 words.

"You are an asshole."

Yes, that I am. I deleted that mail too. Some other girl's blog posted a link here.

" butterfly: some jerk's blog. maccann told me about this blog during QM class cos i was so horribly bored. this guy's an asshole no doubt but pretty fun to read i guess. "

Fan Mail:

This person sent me this. With nothing else written in the mail.

It reads (took me awhile to figure), "Juice is Good". I'm interpreting it that it's cos of my constant use of the word "juice" in reference to alcohol. At first glance, I read it as "Tuice u good", and for a moment, thought this to be an indecent proposal to fuck me. I love this, anything that strokes my ego is worth mentioning. People should start sending me this more.

Let's face it, everyone should love me. And you should love reading what I write. Prof Genitals is an idiot. I'd ban him off the tag board if I could. There is no freedom of speech. Everything is about me and how I rule, unless of cos you have C cup boobs, then you're entitled to say almost anything.

edit: The Beer Survey Story

In case you guys don't read the other blog, I have to highlight this beer survey I did with Blaque. Yumi got me this survey, knowing how much alcohol means to me. Getting paid to drink beer and bullshit about it is what life should be about.

First part: We had to sample 5 beers and write what we liked and disliked about it.

Second part: They gave us three beers, and we had to pick two of which we gathered to be the same. I'm REALLY bad with tasting, hell.. I can't even tell Sprite from 7-Up or Coke from Pepsi. Naturally the surveyor tried to hint me on a few occasions, thinking she's trying to sway my decision and trick me, I ignore her hints and choose the other glass. What an idiot.

Third part: They left us in a room with 8 other guys for some dicussion. Basically the surveyor would ask some questions, showed some commercial clips and then asked for our opinion. She encouraged us to speak up and disagree if there be any need to. Bad idea to tell me that.

Some of these guys are the DUMBEST people on this earth. They said stupid stuff about the commercials like "I don't like this, it's not realistic..", "it's too extreme.."

HELLO! Commercials are made to be a little absurd! The best commercials border on this hence the creative value of it. These guys are nerds, I don't blame them. 70 yr old spastic mutes can come up with more verbally constructive opinions than them. Naturally, I started disagreeing with everything they said. Neither of them disputed anything I said and more agreed rather than opposed me. At least they are smart enough to know that they can never verbally out debate me in English. Idiots and me = alot of fun.

One of them had horrible spoken English and he had one of those chubby cheeks and loved pressing his lips together after every sentence like he was chewing on the vowels. All I managed to comprehend from him were the first couple of words thats usually. "I thinks right.." or "I dounch thinks so..", because after he murders the English grammar, he goes into a pause. Its REALLY long like he's taking a sabbatical to focus his arguements and try to commit more grammatical errors in the following sentences. Everytime he spoke, I had a hard time trying to stop myself from laughing.

It was that funny, even Blaque started laughing about it after.

ps: This is the beer we did the survey on. Commercial here.


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Ecstasy said...

I think you can find a way to ban by ip address. Not sure how do, a search should solve that. He is funny in a crappy way though heh

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Scarletr0se said...

know what? LOL i like ur hair. :D

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Ecstasy said...

You should see it in real life babe

At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Star said...

ecstasy, you've seen butterfly in person already?

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Hecate said...

oh man the guy u were talking about in the last bit reminded me of this guy in one of my SS modules. his english totally cannot make it but he keeps talking and talking during tutorials to chalk up participation points!!! and then he will answer every single question and cut everyone else off..damn gross la..

At 4:31 AM, Anonymous Ecstasy said...

Star, yeah good looking and shuffles in real life like he says.

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