Monday, February 12, 2007

Flirting with disaster

Hands up if you’ve ever had 4 girls you’ve dated in the past 6 months cramped into one night out with the same group, with you in the middle. Recipe for disaster you say, but I see it as a test of mantle. I’ll play up this equation for you, just so you’ll know the actual quotient of a probable implosion

1. I’ve slept with all but one. You can’t really expect any less from me. I’m a slut. If you are hot, I will fuck you.
2. One is madly in love with me.
3. One is perfectly clueless
4. One is a potential February
5. One isn’t too pleased that I have a February fixture.

I’d also add that 2 of them happen to very hot and yes they have features from my past post. I’d quote Red who saw MissSeptember for the first time on Friday. “Wah.. She’s damn hot. Your pictures really don’t do her justice at all.”

And now she knows what buckles me at my knees and the entry level tease to end my promiscuity. Yes, I have a penchant for all things hot and better so if you dirty dance with another girl who’s your mortal equal. How else would I have been tickled, coax and pleased into spending nearly 3 months with her?

If you know me well, that’s ALOT of opportunity cost and we’re talking whiskey and late night parties in the company of beautiful people. My life is all about plurality but I make exceptions to negate this, only if you have me drooling.

I was secretly half expecting a stare-down, a carnal sizing up of oppositions. We’re talking calories counting, pimple scrutinizing and cup size flaunting. Then at the climax of it all, I’ll toss in a “she called you a whale..” just to see women brawl with heels and lip gloss.

But no.

There was the same civility and maturity outside the club as there was inside when I introduced them. There were exchanges of compliment mediated through me, largely about MissSeptember and MissFebruary but everyone else had something nice to say about everyone, that I thought I was caught at a Church camp gathering. All we needed to do was to hold hands and dance round the campfire and a miracle will happen half way round the world.

Before the trance set ended, I already had sufficient drama to giggle all night to. Fatigue and habitual eye rubs, meant I was waging constantly against those damn phosphenes and it nearly cost me a view of MissFebruary and Yan making out by the table. Suddenly, I actually believe monogamy might just work out perfectly for me.

5mins later, Red had to carry Yan’s drunk ass out of the ladies.

Almost unspoken, no one asked me anything about everyone. When I was alone with them, they’d wrap their arms around me under the guise of alcoholic influences. Red was smart enough to keep her distance. There was nothing for her to play for tonight, not against stronger adversaries and my ailing attention span.

And September came…

Her hair still parted the way I remembered and the hips still hypnotizingly sinful. She took two glances at the girls then at me again to validate their status.

She: “Girlfriend?”
Me: “Girlfriends..”

And yes I ended up going off with three girls. Three perfect strangers to the other two with me was their only degree of separation. Three, inextricably linked to me through a kiss and none with promises. There I sat, giggling at the absurdity of the situation and wondering what everyone else was thinking.

I’ve been cold and rude, careless with my flirts but cautious with the compliments. I’ve tempted retribution and faced its wrath and now I was pushing the mind games. Sure, you’ve put ex flings together in a room, but have you had 3 of them in the same cab? There are only a select few of us and I’m sure as hell you can fit us all into a cable car.

And yet, only one made it back to my place…


At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Red said...

you forgot to mention i was actually good friends with the clueless one and the entire night i had to watch my mouth and actions

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous ministerofspeed said...

whoa. confusing. so many characters here.. not even sure who's who now. lolx.

At 3:24 PM, Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

wasted. you should have brought all 3 back.

probably miss sept too. *grinz*

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