Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hello Taiwan Pt 1

If you think Zouk is blessed with beautiful people, then you obviously haven't been to Taiwan's Room 18, or any of their upmarket clubbing joints for that matter. And if this is what Taiwan has to offer me as a welcoming gift, then I'm applying for citizenship.

I have NEVER been to a club where I wished I could take 85% of the girls at the club to some chapel round the corner to recite my wedding vows, with Elvis as witness of course. It's been one distracting night on Friday, it's like standing there and you say to yourself,

"This girl is hot!"

And 3 seconds later, when you are eyeing her ass as she walks off, the next hot chick rolls by, and you're at,

"But this girl is fucking hot too.."

A minute of this and you start wonder if everyone of them popped out from some billboard ad for some silly facial product.

It's at a point where even when I'm drunk, I start having hesitations on talking to them. These are women who are so hot, if they rejected me with a, "Go fuck a cow and leave me alone", you'll see me running with my pants down to fuck the first Marigold milk box I can find, even if it means running butt-naked to 7-11.

The real challenge there would be to actually find a whale, or someone ugly for that matter. Fodder crowd there is at a near nought and I'd have actually believed if selective entry was in place and they actually allowed us in cos we kept their cash register busy.

I kept smiling all night, even my pee came out smelly good.

Life here (at the clubs at least), would have been so much better had we actually had a larger group like we did the last time round. So, if any of you reading this now, and happen to be in Taiwan and want to party with us, leave me a message.

Total damage for our first day: 15,000NT ( SGD715.00). You can't even imagine how much we've spent at the point of typing this.

Yet, the highlight of the night came at 5.30am, courtesy of a girl called Angel. We call it, the Angel Story...


At 4:15 PM, Blogger The Horny Bitch said...

Ah... Nice.. More stories pls...

At 8:49 AM, Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

how the HELLL are you going to survive til next yr with so much damage????

oh well.. it's all worth it for babe-watching/watever :)

even I myself thinking of tw babes... =\

At 1:08 AM, Anonymous Jeff said...

You've single handidly convinced me of purchasing a $1000 round trip ticket

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