Thursday, January 05, 2006

Almost mind fucked

Its good to see MoS finally without an insane queue. Lee and me got there at 11.40 with a 30 men queue greeting us. Best welcome sign to date. The good news is that I actually know the door bitch. She was one of the girls LB hit on at O Bar. Fishing trip's kickbacks finally, I always knew we'll strike gold somewhere somehow. She says she'll try to get us the membership forms but if not, she'll always give us free entry. Thats the most romantic thing anyone's said all night.

I finally meet up with Eugg, since he's been back from Aussieland. The music at the main hall is TERRIBLE. Fucking retro! No wonder there isn't any queue. They're just going all out to rival Zouk, which is dumb. Singapore doesn't need anymore places to churn out finger poking, pattern dancing, lyrics imitating idiots. Its fun when you're 18, people need to move on by 19, but by 24 its just criminally obscene.

The chicks at MoS ain't too shabby. There's plenty of lookers even in a single theme room. LB starts chatting up this two girls, both very pretty and getting equally as much attention from other men. I'm not feeling well so I don't say a word. Another reason is cos Ivory is there with her friends, this sucks.

All night, LB is talking to the girl in white, but when he pops the phone no. question, he goes for the girl in black. Its the best twist storyline in the books, and it catches both girls off guard. I stare at the white one all night, and im pretty sure she's looking back. We finally talk just before they leave.

WhiteGirl: "Bye, if lucky, I'll see you around."
Me: "If not lucky?"
WhiteGer: "Then you can always call me."
Me: "With what?"

So sneaky, she just wants me to take her number. The BlackGirl gives LB her number too, except with the last digit missing, on purpose.

LB: "Quick, i'll try 0-3 Lee u try 4-6, Butterfly u try 7-9"

We start sending "You need a lift to Momo?" messages to random people. LB gets a quick reply. So we ended up waiting for them.

The night's pretty usual, except that we recognised a girl that was with Ivory's group, which turns out to be a friend of Ivory's big boob friend, MissBangs. The shit part is LB and me finally realising where and how we got to know her. We contemplate telling Lee, cos MissBangs sorta has the hots for him. Turns out to be not a good idea telling him.

Lee is mind fucked when we tell him that the friend is a ladyboy and we actually spoke to her awhile back. LB totally mind fucks him, and me. Lee remains silent throughout the car ride to Rivervalley, while we start making jokes about me going where no man has gone before. Not funny.

Ivory sends me an SMS: "You are so rude! Why you ignoring me in the club! I came all the way to see you." (sic)

Well apparently, Ivory just got back from the airport, jet lagged and all, comes all the way down to MoS to find me. And what did I do? Nothing. Which is the problem. I said probably less things to her than couples do to each other during sex. I kept a distance, didn't want to kiss her and said "my tongue has ulcers" when she asked if i missed her. I'm so bad with all these bullshit, they should stick to rhetorical questions like, "wanna fuck", "can i give u head", "second round?" blah blah blah..

I have second thoughts to go over to find her, after the whole ordeal. The possibility of them being men before, the probability of her ignoring me, all just too daunting. Lee, still mind fucked, lashes out at LB which was pretty amusing.

We go find them anyway, and true to my prediction, she ignores me. LB laughs cos this happens alot. I'm probably only good for two things, kissing and pissing people off. LB and me continue discussing where we met the ladyboy friend, who is TOTALLY cold towards us. Fuck her, if she can't take the attention and questioning.

When Ivory leaves with her in a cab, we probe MissBangs about her. She gives a sneaky grin when she asks us how we knew her and we told her, "we're widely travelled". It gave the whole thing away, and plus I actually remembered the letter of her name. Yep, certified.

Lee is still mind fucked. We let him be. They tell him the good news that upon further investigation and deduction, she's a woman. Most probably. Its now an amber light for him to fuck her. Two options,

a) Go for it, then check later..
b) Check first then decide later.

LB and Lee think A is a better option. I'll almost always rather pick option B, considering that I've been through A before, the thrill of the discovery is NEVER exciting. Of cos, we're basing her sexuality largely on the fact that she has a post-op transexual girlfriend, how many women can boast to that?

I warn Lee anyway.. the mental scar is a permanent one.


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