Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Drunk Week

Bcos too many things happened this week, and nothing big in particular, i decide to sum everything up instead.

House party at SP's place. Its alot of fun like all house parties are except the fact that since its a friends gathering, nothing really wild or crazy is going to happen. What is ideal is a party with an equal number of girls and guys, low morals and lots of booze. The party had lots of booze though and it pretty much knocked some of the guys out. The one significant moment is MJ throwing up on himself and the guys having to clean him up.

Pappy, Dek, LB, RedBug and me head to MoS (again). LB and me don't need to pay or queue, and we managed to get the guys in without queuing, but they burn $30 on cover. Being favoured is a reason why we'll always patronize MoS now, plus the girls are fantastic.

We meet up with the two girls from the previous night. The thing about this two is that they attract ALOT of male attention. At any given time, there are at least 4 guys trying to pry them away from the other guys. Its a stupid scene, seeing the guys try to out woo one another. I hate competition and i HATE monopolizing, so I don't participate in the Alpha male 2006 contest thats forming up here.

This drunk guy with a funky foreign accent comes up to me and tells me to go grab WhiteGirl. His friend is vying for the attention of BlackGirl. Drunk guy introduces himself.. Jaw.

Jaw: "You know Jaws? The shark? Ya... only without the S"

Then he goes on teaching me how to have game.

Jaw: "Hey, no worries i'll guide yew. I work in clubs, I know how it works. Yew gotta go grab her man.. she wants yew."
Me: "Its ok.. really."
Jaw: "Hey, trust me man I know this shit, I got a girlfriend man."

He show me some pic of a girl on his phone. Its weird how people try to teach me to have game. Its me! I don't fucking need game. And coming from Jaw is pretty stupid. Firstly, this guy ain't good looking. The only thing that spells 'playa' in him is his wallet. He's short, maybe 165, has hair that went out of style in 1997 and he cant even dance.

He however, is very caught up in me. The whole night, he stands there talking to me and explaining how to pick chicks up. Then he starts buying me rounds of shots starting with a Sex On The Beach. I tell LB that he's more entertaining than the girls and i'm better off spending my night talking to him. Okay, i confess. As u guys all know... I'm a slut. I'm nice to anyone who buys me drinks consistently. For alcohol, I lower all sense of dignity.

Jaw keeps saying that he likes me, in the straight way. He tells me he thinks I'm cool, good looking, dance well and he loves my pony tail. Which is precisely why he sees it a personal duty to see that i get pussy. In 10 mins with him, i deduce that he has serious inferiority complex. Either alcohol gives serious defficiency in memory, or he feels the need to emphasize that he's cool, cos he has a chick. He also tells LB that he is VERY rich. From the way that he buys drinks for me and the others, I'll give him the benefit of doubt. I tell LB that I'm gonna squeeze him for drinks. He buys me another round of B52.

Jaw: "You want a drink?"
Me: "Nah... ok maybe just one."

Later, one guy in red suddenly taps me and offers me a beer. Freebies all night long? This is paradise, i must be dreaming~ !

RedGuy: "Hey, the girl in blue (WhiteGirl) is my girlfriend, the other one you guys can take."

Boring... I'd rather he tell me he thinks im cute and he wants to fuck me. I'd have probably given a better reaction.

Then the complex matter...

RedGuy leaves the place almost literally hugging BlackGirl. And WhiteGirl leaves the place in another guys car. A yellow Gallardo. For all u ignorant bastards, its a Lambo. At this point, you are suppose to be very impressed. Weird relationship they have.. so sneaky.

Not to be outdone, LB and me leave in the style. We pick the Mercs cab.


Ivory bought me dinner and a debacle followed. I'll write this in a seperate entry.

We head to Zouk for Dave Seaman. Big big group. Zeekay is back from his Shanghai trip and tells me i'll love the place. I wanna go.. hands up those who want to go too.

Zouk kinda blows now.

WhiteGirl keeps messaging to ask if I'm going down MoS. Which is dumb, cos even when i'm there we hardly talk. Too many trying males around. Im pretty smash going into MoS and the music is damn solid. No offence Seaman.. u suck.

WhiteGirl and BlackGirl are attention sluts basically. They get all this attention because they flirt with EVERYONE! And then they make it seem like its a hassle to get hit on by people. Actresses.. whatever.


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