Saturday, January 14, 2006

Of Drinking and Shuffling

You'll know the night is going to be great when you get drunk. My pre-party contribution to the guys is preparing 3 bottles of pre-mix lethal brews of Absolut Vanilla and Johnny Walker Red. It's poured into Ice Mountain plastic bottles, filled 1/4 with alcohol, so if my estimation doesn't fail me, thats more than 10 shots per bottle. Its called, Butterfly's Death By Alcohol mix. I have it pre frozen so that it'll be chilled. LB even suggested a chiller box. The things we do for booze...

MoS is packed, Hed Kandi is playing.. for all of you who don't know who that is, you belong to the majority. Its good having friends working as customer relations officers, cos we get to cut queue, and suddenly everyone is cashing in on knowing us... those cheap bastards! This couple joins us cos he knows Vinny and he claims to know me from the Subaru show i did.

Zeekay is late so he has to go in seperately. LB coaxes this group of girls to allow him to stand with them. Amazing what charming friends can do for you. Once everyone's in, we head up to the car to tank up.

11.31pm: We start drinking, each of us taking a bottle.
11.35pm: Half the drinks are gone. We start making holiday plans.
11.37pm: We contemplate Shanghai. From what we hear, the girls there are easy pickings. Its so easy its like fucking 7-11, open 24hrs a day. Haha.

11.43pm: Pappy starts making funny faces at my Death By Alcohol Mixes. Zeekay is protesting he had 3 Baileys before this and hence should be partially exempted.

11.5opm: We finish drinking, head back to the club half bloated and drunk.

We get there to discover MORE drinks waiting for us. Apparently, Zeekay's sister's friends are entertaining clients so the drinks are FOC and on the company tab. We shamelessly drink anything we can find. That includes finishing up a bottle of Jack Daniels ( everybody say yuck! this is cheap whiskey.) and champagne. I get Huixx to come up to drink.

Then LB and me head to dance. This girl comes up to talk to me cos I was doing the melbourne shuffle and she wants to learn it. This girl is hot, I've been eyeing her ever since we hit the dance floor.

HotGirl: "Hey can you liquid?"
Me: "nope, I can only shuffle."
HotGirl: "That's the Melbourne shuffle you're doing ya?"

Then she tells me she's trying to learn it and stuff. I love shuffling, I just didn't know hot girls were part of the package.

Me: "This music isn't right for shuffling, its gotta be harder."
HotGirl: "Okay, then when its the right music I want you shuffle for me again."

In my semi state of drunkness, I do not make a move to even get to know her. I guess I was expecting to see her again. Then she disappears, and I don't see her for the entire night again. Fuck me, Im an idiot.

I head back up to drink with Jules and we basically clear every drink left on the table. Then we head back down and he buys us a round of tequila shot. Eeeww, I hate that shit, I hate neat stuff its just nasty. Had I been caught drink driving tonight instead, I'd have probably blown a 100.

Zeekay and me start venturing the place till we bumped into a group of female friends who starts daring us to approach random people. One of it was me going up to this girl who had her butt crack greeting everyone and taking a pic with her. Simple task. Then i get greedy and demand a drink in return, and the stake goes from taking a picture to telling her i love her butt crack. At my state of Butterfly shit housed drunk, I'd have kissed her even.

Me: "Hay, can I take a pic wit yew..."
ButtCrack: "Yea sure u can.."
Me: "Oohh, and I really love ya butt crack."
ButtCrack: "oh [adjusting her jeans] Thanks!"

She's totally cool with it. I'm there half expecting her to get pissed and all, but she was cool. She introduce herself which sounded neither like butt nor crack, so I don't remember.

I think in between we chat with this girl in heels who sorta complained she can't dance cos of her heels. Then we bump into QLS and Dap, and the girls bought me a shot of brandy and they got pissed cos i mixed it with coke. I don't give a fuck, drinking is drinking. Nobody tells me how to drink my drink unless you've been drinking more than me and you're picking up my drink tab.

The last thing i remember in the club is talking to this chick cos LB wanted to. He ends up pointing at me and i start a VERY awkward conversation with her. Her half stunned, still very pretty face telling me, "I'm going to the bar there for drinks with my friends". Then I walk off. The amazing shitty things i do.

Then of cos we bumped into MissBangs and Ivory. Well, its not a coincidence since she blatantly CAME to find me. I don't speak much to her anyway. She starts dancing with me (which inevitably means hugging me), so since I do not want to be seen taken, I make a quick decision to throw her off my tracks. And what do? I fake being drunk.. very drunk. I make clear stumbles, i hang my head down and look really stone. Im so sneaky, I even asked her to chat up this two girls whom I thought were Thais, turns out they're Indos.

We leave, I call Ivory when we're out of the club. She tells me she's back home.

Ivory: "I'm going home, it's no use. You're too drunk to even fuck me tonight."

The darnest things girls say to me. I can fill a scrapbook with classic one liners already.

Pappy says he's heading home. Until we catch him having supper at Rivervalley with girls. That LIAR! We start calling him names and ignore him for the duration of supper. He is henceforth, Pappy the Fucked up or Pappy the pilot.

They complain about the ringing in their ears. funny how i don't have that. Probably im going deaf. Its amazing how alcohol dumbs our senses. Now.. if i can just start paying more attention to the girls in the club...


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