Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stupid Girl tries to date Butterfly

I have a tolerance for girls who are stupid and that threshold stems from key terms like, "hot", "pretty" and "big boobs". Recently, I've come to accept "drives a car" as a new inclusion to forgive stupidity. Anyone with a fucking pea brain best stays clear of me unless they fall into the fore-mentioned terms. Stupidity is a disease, unless giving head cures it, if not then I'm sorry, I'm all out of charity at the moment.

I just met what could most like be the dumbest person who wants to date me. People, I'm not being mean, but this girl is probably the reason why IQ scores for normal people start at 100. Its to show the great divide between us. There's Einstein, then there's normal folks, there's Forrest Gump and then there's Her.. right at the nadir of it.

This girl was probably born with half a brain. She probably got the other half at a discount from eBay sold by members of the Spastic Association. She is DUMB. It takes me only two sentences with her to be convinced that she deserves a full scholarship for her Phd in Stupidology.

This girl asked for my msn on one of those online community stuff, I cant remember which. I've not met her yet, and from the looks of it, I probably won't want to. It starts off normally, till she starts trying to ask me out.

Girl: "Maybe we can meet one day?"
Me: "Do you drive?"
Girl: "Nope, do you?"
Me: "No, used too. I need people to drive..."
Girl: "What happened? Why used too?"
Me: "I got caught drink driving, license revoked..."

Then it goes downhill, thankfully its over a computer screen. I might have stabbed her if i was with her.

Girl: "Drink driving can lose license??"
Me: "Yes..."
Girl: "Its illegal to drink while driving??"
Me: "yaaaa..."
Girl: "You mean you if are thirsty, you cant drink while you are driving? Its that serious?"

This girl literally took drink driving as drinking whilst driving. Incredible display of ignorance and stupidity. Her diet must consist of a staple of brain damaging food like pot or glue sniffing for her to be so clueless about society. Its amazing how she got pass 20yrs of life without anyone stabbing her or throwing stones at her for talking.

The next few exchanges came across as a revelation to her drink driving is illegal and you don't have to be caught with a bottle at hand to be criminally implicated with drink driving.

Girl: "So they caught you while you were drinking?"
Me: "No... I WAS drinking, I don't drink while driving."

This absolutely confused her and she came to question if i was just messing with her. Im serious, reciting the alphabets backwards will seriously fuck up her mind. The only reason I actually bothered going into such depth in explaining to her was because she had one of those artistic headshot of her which made her look good. You know, those with the fringe covering the face, her gaze fixated on a object off camera and very good backlight. Then she changed the pic, and I ended the conversation. Nuff said.


At 2:55 AM, Anonymous gila_monster said...

maybe u should have said drunk driving instead. But the story is funny, u have a mean but witty style in condemning people!

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