Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Australian Trip- The End

The one thing I loved about Australia was the night sky. Every night I'll take a bottle of beer, a fag and my jacket and just lie endlessly on the table, gazing in the sky. I thought about alot of stuff and did a alot of reflection on my life. I thought about my family, friends and mostly about love. Then it hit me.. I need more drinks.

I start questioning why I came here, and what was I actually hoping for. Then I realised that I was always chasing the impossible because it was that much more romantic. Did it just take me $1140 to realise that Minori was a dream? I had been so caught up in memories that I forgot the wrath of reality. As she sat next to me, I saw the same face I thought I fell in love with. She was still her, but everything was different. The magic had faded and I was chasing it because I think deep down, I really wanted to fall in love, AGAIN.

I went to Adelaide cos I wanted to be in love again, and I was actually prepared to give up my lifestyle. Every time I looked at her I'd still remember the aftermath of her kiss and how sweet the memory was. Perhaps I should have left it as it was, a beautiful memory. Its been about 5 months since and now she's right next to me, but the beauty of it is gone.

The only reason why I hooked up in Adelaide with the other girls was cos I had to move on. This chapter, how beautiful I had remembered it to be had to be closed. Ok, and also because I was pretty high and I would never pass off a hot girl when I'm single. If you are hot and if you pick me up, you will definitely score with me. To the Thai and that Viet, I had a great time having you lick my ears, and I wouldn't mind if you came Sg looking for me.


It's my last day in Adelaide and I suddenly feel like I'll miss everything here. Note, just 2 days ago, I would have contemplated torching the city just to see Australians move around faster. No offence to the OZs, but you guys do stuff pretty slowly. Peace man, I love kangaroos too, oh and beer of cos. You should see how an Aussie does the dishes and how we Asians do it. The Aussies look like they are in bullet time freeze frame, everything else around them is moving so much faster than they are.

I suddenly miss the sun. The weather is getting much cooler cos autumn is coming and the Asians here are hot. What, did you think the culture and lifestyle is gonna make me wanna stay? I just miss here cos going back to Singapore is gonna suck. I can't imagine how fast these two weekends have gone past and I still remember getting pissed on the plane coming here.

I appreciate what Thanh and Minori is doing for me, especially when I don't really know them. Thanh is a great host and she's one of the whackiest girl I've met, and I'll miss them both along with some of the others who took me out.

Leaving Adelaide was more depressing than I imagined. It was shit loads of fun and I drank more this weekend than I have on any weekends before. Last night on a tame night I had about 300ml of VSOP, a beer and another 6 shots of midori and sprite. Thats typical me. I guess I came here with far less expectations, and leaving for Perth again just didn't cut it.

Eugg picked me up from the domestic terminal and we went to the beach with a six pack of beer. I pretty much forced him to go back to Burswood cos picking up girls at casinos are always fun. Turns out to be a bad idea.

We go to the bar to get drinks. Eugg gets two pints of beer. The barmaid is friendly but she has excessive facial hair and I can never resist commenting. I tell her,

Me: "Thanks, and maybe you might want to shave your moustache."

Eugg starts laughing,

Eugg: "What the fuck did you just say!"
Me: "Don't act like you didn't see that."

She either didn't hear me the first time round, or is too professional at beer taping to be affected by my comments. We however, face the backlash of karma. By the 4th round, I'm up $60 and Eugg is already close to broke. I decide that A$60 is too little to even cash out and decide to bet bigger.

12.25am: Eugg is out of chips, and I'm down to my base of hundred.

12.30am: Eugg goes out to make a call and I think changing back my A$100 is a stupid idea. I decide to split my bet on two hands of blackjack.

12.32am: I get a 19 for both cards. I think I made a brillant decision.

12.33am: The bitch banker hits a 4 at 17 points and wins all my money. Not cashing out is a bad idea. Betting all my money is an even dumber idea.

While Eugg laughs at Lee's 'Stay at 4 story', he tops it tonight. He gets a double Ace. Now in Singapore Blackjack rules, that's a triple payoff, but in the casino, thats just two very fuck cards. Its a 2 or 12. At double ace, people usually split, if they don't they'll hit another card cos it's only logical to do so. Nobody will ever stay at 2 points, I hope I don't have to explain to you why. Eugg proves me wrong and loses all his money on that hand. I laugh uncontrollably after that at his stunt. Going to casinos with my card-idiot friends are the best night entertainment ever.

We spent the later part of the night smoking out. I wrote yesterday's entry under the influence of a joint, so if there's typo or other shit mistakes, you should forgive me. Thats why I always said smoking was bad.


We woke up to have dim sum this morning before going to the airport. I almost missed my flight cos I was too smittened by this SUPER hot Korean chick seated a table from me. I did film her down just for voyeuristic pleasure. Anyway, she was with this other Korean and it turns out that her friend was just there accompanying her just like Eugg was.

While queuing up at the immigration line, I start making small talk with her, despite me running very late. At a 3pm and a flight leaving at 3.30pm and with about 200 people infront of me at the line, panic had yet to set in on me.

3.15pm: I find out that she is travelling on Singapore Airlines to Singapore, 30mins after my flight but she'll be in terminal 2.

3.20pm: I decide that no girl is worth missing my flight over, and start asking people to let me jump queue.

3.27pm: I finally reach the gate and realise that there is a slight delay in boarding.

3.30pm: I regret not taking her contact or a picture (would have been wierd and uncool right..). I hate slow boarding flights cos all the people whom I ask to let me jump queue were now starting to walk up and by sitting down to wait for my supposedly 3.30 flight, I was looking alot like a lying Asian boy.

She is THAT hot. Tall, tan, tattoo, tight butt.. too many positive T's. I was telling Eugg before I went in.

Me: "Babe, she is fucking hot! If she was my gf, I'm never gonna leave her generally vicinity for a month."
Eugg: "Yea, you said that about..." [starts finger gesturing].
Me: "This is fer real dawg~!"
Eugg: "Yaaa.. you said that too."

Anyway, the flight back was good cos its half load so I get to have two seats for myself. The only downside was this Indonesian lady I was seating with. She's probably like 40yrs old and she breaks out into random prayer sessions. One for take off, one for landing and a couple in between during turbulance.

That is just the good part. The bad part was that she continually spoke to me, despite me putting on the headphones and watching a movie. It doesn't stop her from rattling at the side of my headphones or taping my arm. She's lucky the knife in the cutlery set is plastic. And if I didn't know better, I'd think she was trying to hit on me. She starts asking me questions about what I do and where I live and told me, verbatim:

She: "I stay Alone at Bukit Merah, so lonely going back alone.. You know Bukit Merah?"


She: "So you taking MRT or Bus later?"

Leave me alone old bitches! I'll be honest, I didn't say a single wise crack to her and I was pretty nice in answering everything she asked. The only thing I faked was that I was studying in Australia and that I'm back to visit my girlfriend. Why? Cos embarassingly, I filled up a Singapore Embarkation form for visitors, so I couldn't say I was Singaporean now could I. What was even worse was that my mum came to pick me up and cos I said I was meeting my girlfriend, she shot me the, 'I knew you'd love older women' look. Either that or it was the, 'did you really think I was hitting on you?' look.

I'm glad I decided to throw down everything here to go chase a dream, cos I found it. The kind of holiday right out of a textbook party novel. The kind that I'll always remember. Now, all I need is to check myself into a rehab centre for my liver and get some Aids test done. Kidding!


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