Friday, February 24, 2006

Why Foreign Girls Rule

As much as I always complain about my dating life being cursed, I've come to realised that a large part of it is because of me. Its just me, I love picking the ones that I have no future with, largely because I want it that way, but also because normal decent girls don't appeal to me.

Thus far the local contingent falls either under paedophilic or potential pensioners. The other problem with them is that they never seem to show the same amount of persistence in trying to fuck me like the foreign legions do. This whole issue of pride is utter bullshit to me. I don't get it, they pick me up in the club yet they refuse to candidly date me out. Thats the problem with local women (most of them at least), they always believe men should make the first move.

This is very different from the foreign girls I date. They are forthcoming and they know precisely what they want and how they go about getting it. Which is also why most men prefer foreign women. If you disagree, you obviously havent peddled anywhere further then Sentosa and you need to break that piggy bank, run down to the nearest travel agent and book a flight to Thailand or any neighbouring country other than Malaysia.

If you are lucky enough to be good looking, you'll have women swarming you. If not, go break another piggy bank and hopefully money can disguise your lack of game. Foreign women seem to be THAT much more agressive, which rocks my boat pretty well. The meek docile play needs to come off immediately when you talk to me. And its best if they keep their vocabulary strictly limited to words with "fuck" and "sex".

For those who say China women are money grubbers, I disagree and can quote off hand personal accounts. They are money grubbers to you only if you are ugly. I cannot stress how impartial this society is. Looks does wonders when it comes to dating. Fuck character. I have absolutely no character but they still love me. You'll just have to take my word for it. See, I'm arrogant and fucked up, but if you know whats good for you, you should want to fuck me.

Why am I writing these? Well, I just received an SMS from IndoGirl from the blue movie story. Its been nearly 3 months since she left and maybe her 6th SMS to me since. I've not replied to any because it cost a mind-blowing $0.50, and not because I don't like her. The following is a verbatim, remember she's not proficient in English.

IndoGirl: "Hi Butterfly, how are you? Why u never give me news this cos u won't be a friend with me, right? Cos im so ugly yes. Ok then hope u always be fine."

Im pretty amused with the SMS (partly bcos it takes an effort to figure what she's writing), because despite all this time, she still actually bothered about me. She came here, fucked me and left and yet she still missed me. The local girls here take my number and expect me to date them out, and give up soon after I show zero interest. Whatever.

This is where the foreign girls score one over the locals. They make their interest in you known, so you never have to second guess. If they like you, you'll know it without having to rip petals off flowers, and having to guess why her hands are on your lap.

Secondly, foreign girls expect less out of men. Largely becos Thai men are assholes, Indo's aren't rich and China men dress badly, hence Singaporean men are desired. If anyone has dated them before, you'll know that they are easily pleased. Im not even talking about sex here. Just taking them out for meals and walking around town is all thats needed to make them feel loved.

For local women, these are entry level dating. I'm generalising, there are women who expect very little from their male companions. This could be because no one wants them and they cant afford to fuck this up again. You can disagree with me, but you'd better be hot, if not you are just bitter that I nailed the spot.

Then again, I'm sampling a population of locals. I know alot of local men who have dated foreign women (largely Thai's and Chinese nationals) and once you've dated those picture card girlfriends, you'd never want to date locals again. I understand why so. Well, when you can get a girl who doubles up as a maid (and I say this in a good way, they serve you really well), who wants an opinionated girl raised to believe that 'pampered' is a word exclusive to women?

There's nothing wrong with being opinionated, cos it adds to the interesting conversations. This is where local women fight back. It's the language barrier, you can never hold a decently intelligent conversation with the foreign women in English. And since that is my ONLY proficient language, I'd have to give this one to the locals. However, some local women do tend to have English so atrocious, you'll feel like you just came out of a primary school oral examination reading of a Shakespearean classic.

I cant be wrong now can I?
Or maybe I'm old and bitter..


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude you got it so right. Singaporean women are so picky and passive when it comes to dating men. They all claim they want a tall man and then.... well they wait an complain... which explains why so many of us end up with a Thai Viet or Chinese nationals... Not sure what is love but it all starts with 2 people feeling good with or thanks to the other one and singaporean women are definitely not helping!

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