Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Phone Survey

Some girl called to do a phone survey on some community stuff. I being ever helpful, agreed to help the poor soul. Plus the fact that her voice was sweet. I ended up sprouting rubbish, giving false information and flirting with her.

Some excerpts from the survey, most of which covered on politics which I know almost nothing about.

She: "so can you name me some government bodies?"
Me: "Like what?"
She: "Like Ministry of Education.."
Me: "Oh.. Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Sound.."

It took her about a second to register that. She chuckled then proceeded to correct me.

She: "I don't think thats a government body."
Me: "They make tons of money from the public, have poor response services and try to stuff out all competition, sounds very much like a government body to me."

She: "So do you belong to any social groups or community?"
Me: "Alcoholics Annoymous"

She: "So how would you spend your free time?"
Me: "Drinking."
She: "Would you participate in any social groups organised by your constituency?"
Me: "If they have free booze and food, yes."
She: "Errmm ok, so would you be interested in helping out in social work organised by your constituency?"
Me: "whats the pay structure on that?"
She: "ohh, I think you don't get paid to do social work."
Me: "Do I get to drink on the job?"

As much as I was digressing away from the questions and being a total ass, this girl was rather patient and she commended me on my rather "interesting response" (sic)

She: "Do you follow politics?"
Me: "No..."
She: "Do you discuss about politics?"
Me: "No.."
She: "Who would you most likely discuss politics with?"
Me: "I'm 24 going on 25.. my life is all about cars, partying and women, in my world we get laughed at for discussing politics."

She: "Can I have your date of birth?"
Me: " [i tell her]. And whats yours?"
She: "Ermm, I'm the surveyor.."
Me: "The things people say after I give them my time.."
She: "Hahaha, I'm alot younger than you."

She: "What's your yearly income before taxes last year?"
Me: "For last year, its pretty much in the red."
She: "A rough estimate? Or I can write undisclosed."
Me: "Why can't you write in the red?"

She: "What's your combined annual household income."
Me: " over 100k"
She: "Wow, no wonder can always go Ministry of Sound.."
Me: "well, it won't sound as impressive if I told you I have 7 siblings, and both parents all working."
She: "ohh.."

note: In case you don't know me.. I'm kidding on this. I only have a sister.

Me: "Enough about me. So how much do you get paid?"
She: "Huh.. can't say lah.."
Me: "I bet it's damn miserable. Getting low pay for having to talk so much and irritate people."
She: "Was I very irritating?
Me: "You would have been, thankfully you have a very nice voice."
She: "Oh thanks."

She: "Just finishing up, I need to get your personal information."
Me: "My contact number?"
She: "Ermm no, your particulars. Hahaha, but you could give it to me if you want. Just kidding."

She: "Your current profession?"
Me: "Still studying, you can put in Party Addict if you want."
She: "Erm, I'll stick to 'student'. Which school?"
Me: "NUS."
She: "Wow, an undergraduate, Alcoholics Annoymous and loves Ministry of Sound, quite interesting."
Me: "Are you hitting on me?"
She: "Wha... what!??"

To be honest I was cheeky only on some parts of the conversation. Most of the other time I was clueless on some of the stuff she asked. Mostly about my constituency MP and the activities of the community. I know shit about those stuff. I replied, "not interested" and "don't know" for a good number of questions regarding politics. Seriously, but I doubt private housing is very much affected by the activities of MPs, I mean, they can't build lifts for us or anything. So I pretty much don't need them now do I?


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL !!! damn funny ... hey come u get this kind of survey calls ?? .. n all I get are some stoopid "U won sometin but u nd to come listen to some stoopid hard sell cruise package or watever" calls ... blearghh .. sigh ... btw think did u pass her ur contact no. ?? :)

At 5:58 PM, Blogger The Butterfly said...

Ya i get those shit calls too..

"you won a laptop cos u entered some lucky draw at xxxx.."

"ohh wait u neeed to be 25. ohh, ya not 25 yet, i tell u wat, i'll hold on to ya prize and i'll contact u again when u turn 25.."


no i didn't, as much as a slut i can be theres a limit to my actions.

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