Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Chinese New Year Weekend

LB says Im a party addict, and I think he might actually be right on this. We've been partying since Wed thru to Sunday, resting only on Thurs. To the closet addicts, these are some symptoms.

1) Exorbitant cover charges does not deter you from clubbing.
2) You make references to queue lengths to those at Ministry of Sound.
3) Every other song gets you riled up.
4) Staying home at night gets you depressed.
5) You say things like, "If its boring here, we'll go club somewhere else".

I'll start on Sunday night.

I meet Lee and Mare for reunion coffee. Blaque is too sick to join us. I psycho them to go party after coffee. The words "$2 drinks all night" are the best enticing lines. Lee tells us this hilarious story of how he managed to fuck up the possibility of sex when the girl was half naked and undressing him. Truly remarkable character he is sometimes.

The gist of it. Girl and him heads back home, she tells him she left her phone in his car. They start making out and girl starts to undress him. He says he wants to go take her phone ( I don't understand him sometimes). She specifically tells him that she might not be in the mood when he gets back. He goes anyway and the resultant consequence is the most amazing self-cockblocking stunt EVER. No booty.

LB picks us up and tells us how he turned down a booty call. I don't understand my friends sometimes, but he says its something to do with morals and conscience. Those words are vulgarities in my book so I pay no attention whatsoever. Lee is hysterically confused by LB's decision. Yes, we all make bad decisions in our lives.

For a club giving $2 drinks all night, Chinablack has no queue, which is utterly pathetic. There's more hype at a retirement home. We head to MoS and the following car ride there is a perfect example to quote in the study of male sterotype discourse. Guys don't listen, we just want to talk.

Lee: "Fuck man! I can't believe I fucked it up!"
Me: "I seriously need to shuffle. The music had fucking better be good."
LB: "This is stupid.. Nobody clubs on CNY. Everyone should be gambling.."
Lee: "I need to get lucky.."
Me: "I'd be very pissed if the music sucks.."
LB: "Who the fuck clubs tonight. Im telling you, we should be gambling. Everyone is gambling.."

Three soliloquies in a car. Men are funny creatures. It was like this for 1/3 the journey.

LB and Pappy end up heading off to gamble. Lee and me continue to party without them with another group of friends. Turns out to be a night where consequences catches up with my actions. I end up meeting two girls from my past. First, I bump into Ivory and attempted to give her a handshake to wish her 'happy new year'. In return, she slaps my hand away, comes to hug me and whispers really nasty stuff to me. Something about missing me and how she came back for me. Nasty.. really awful stuff to say.

She ask if I miss her. I say the first honest thing that comes to me, and tell her that she's messing my hair up with her arms around my neck. She gets pissed for some reason. Women are weird, they keep making it seem like I'm insensitive and say rude stuff all the time. Whatever.

Ivory: "So I can't come to your place later?"
Me: "Better not.."

I will not sleep with anyone that has gone psycho on me before. I have too many sharp objects within arms reach near my bed. I make a quick mental evaluation on sleeping with her again.

- getting laid tonight. Yes.
- getting presents and free meals in future. Yes.
- getting stabbed, strangled, smothered. Pass.

The other girl I bump into has plus points hanging with her cos tons of guys buy drinks for her and I get to sponge off her. I've said it tons of times, I'm a slut for free booze. This is absolutely perfect. Drinking off from other men. Its almost just like having an affair with their girlfriends.. they do all the work and we eat their fruits of labour. This is so wrong.

The only socializing I do is with this girl who tells me she loves the way I shuffle. We end up talking and her introducing me to her extended family.. I'm serious.

Sunday: PAUL VAN DYK @ Zouk

Tons of booze for the night, we have probably 1 million jugs. Big group- LB, Pappy, Eugg, Lee, TB, Redbug, BlackGirl (from the MoS escapades), and some others. First sign of me enjoying the night...

BlackGirl: "So are you guys gonna be at Pewture or Zouk?" ( I'm typing it as how she pronounces it)

Not that I've not heard it mis-pronounced before, but we never pass off a chance to continuous rightly pronounce it for the poor soul to self correct. We do it subtly, by randomly saying "Phuture" (pronounced Future) at least 50 times over the next 10 sentences.

Good crowd, great music.


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