Sunday, February 19, 2006

A regular Saturday night

There's simply only one good place to go to on a Saturday night. And thats MoS. Im bias here, good hard trance/house music always gets my vote, its a good trade off for expensive drinks. LB, Pappy, ZK, Flower make up the contingent tonight.

Some early figures showed that tonight was gonna be a good night.

Amount spent on drinks - $40
No. of girls that hit on me - 2
No. of new friends - Lost count.. I told LB we need a filing system.

Flower brought one of her friends who had a really hot bod. I could have spent my entire night watching her sway her ass, but other girls deserve my attention too. I have to be impartial and give other equally good looking people an equal time to be gawked over.

There were couple of decently hot Caucasians who stole pretty much the limelight at the podiums. Generally, people cant dance to house. Flower complained that the floor was littered heavily with poor dancers. I agree, there should be bouncers stationed to pull out anyone thats dancing out of sync with the rhythm.

Seriously people, if you have a problem with rhythm, you should just stick to drinking and hopefully u have a pretty face so someone will come talk to you. Leave the dancing to people who can actually hear and who don't have nerve problems. If you twitch uncomfortably or you are just hoping or bouncing around and think you're in beat, then STOP, apologise to people for dancing near them and fuck off the dance floor!!

There were a couple of good dancers. Pappy is determined to learn the shuffle. Most of the shufflers were actually our friends, less for this group who had one girl that was hot. Ugly guys who never get attention need to learn this. People talk to you. Then again, maybe it happens only to me. Well, everyone should talk to me if they know whats good for them.

LB has a blind date set up in the club. This is amazing. Prior to us coming down, LB had chatted up this girl from, took her contact and arranged a meeting at the club. Largely influenced on the fact that the girl said she was not photogenic and also that she was fun talking to. Photos are deceiving, I've proven this before here.

We ordered two glasses of Tomato Vodka, then took it to go meet the girl. (For some reason, Flower and LB love the drink. ZK and me absolutely hate it.) I took one glance at her, and told LB that I wanted to go find Reznor. Not that she was ugly, but its the kind I would never take a second look at. LB later told me she's a liar, apparently she's photogenic.

I ended up alone, cos everyone simply disappeared. ZK went MIA, Flower was at Pure, Pappy was no where in sight and I couldn't find Reznor. I ended up standing at the table and smiled at this girl who was looking at me. Her guy friends were NOT too pleased about that. I thought I was being friendly, they didn't seem to think so. Whatever, fuck them.

When everyone, except for ZK and Flower got back, we finally invaded the dance floor. Some girl tapped me to asked if I could shuffle, then proceeded to request if I could show it to her and her friends. I scanned them, decent enough. Request approved. I highlighted to Pappy again the wonders of shuffling or maybe just being me. Pappy is more determined than ever to learn.

The girls were actually guessing how old I was and they thought I was 19. I left them in paralytic shock when I told them I was turning 25. I now understand why most girls above 23 never seem to be interested in chatting me up, cos they probably think its cradle snatching. Its the damn face, Flower says I look like a little Japanese boy.

We left at 3.15am. As soon as I got out the club I heard someone calling my name. My FULL name. Turns out to be the girl I met here the last time I came with Lee. In her drunk stupor, she provided much entertain. Screaming in speech, and yelling at us NOT to go Zouk but to head to Momo instead.

At 3.30, LB and me headed to MoMo, to meet this girl, Mushroom, we met at Devils Bar a week back. LB's friend signed us in, then demanded a drink. What an asshole.

Mushroom is hot. She has a good bod, firm tummy and a decent face. However, her English left much to be desired. And for LB, this is a disturbing curse that has been occuring over and over again. The last girl pronounced Phuture as 'Pewture', but this girl just made her look like a news anchor-woman.

Im repeating her SMS verbatim.

Mushroom: "ok. when u reach lock u can saw."

Before I procceed to mock her, she was trying to say this. "Ok. When you reach the locker you will see me." She has to be a pre-primary dropout. There's no way in hell she could have passed ANY English test with the grammar of 7yr old Mongolian child. And no way she could have missed type a sentence like that. I know I make mistakes now and then in my blogs, but that's because I generally do not proof read. For the record, I'm an A student in English from primary through to JC. Yes.. a fucking A for GP, how many of u pricks out there can boast of that.

I don't have a problem with people who cannot speak English, but its another thing when its spangled with atrocity that it becomes amusing. No one is going to read that SMS withour laughing. If you read that and said "its ok what..", you are dumb and you will be laughed at by me soon.

LB makes out with her anyway.

There was a fight outside the club which saw this Malay kicked the shit out of a retreating Chinese. Silat won Wushu that night. Huo Yuanjia is so gonna make an appearance next week at MoMo to restore Chinese pride. Beware.

We tried to be funny with some cops. They didn't give a damn about us.

LB complained that I almost never chat people up in clubs.

LB: "You damn lousy leh, I never see you talk to people."
Me: "That's because people pick me up."
LB: "That's why you don't have choices."

Some guy bought flowers for this girl which was pretty amusing. I'd have laughed if I had a better understanding of dialect and mandarin. There was this Malay chick who was really pretty seated next to me outside the club. Really elegant looking, short cropped hair and a very beautiful face.

Me: "You understand Mandarin?"
She: "Yi dian dian (alittle bit)"

Then she smiled and stuck her tongue out. Its all the reason I'll need to give up pork for 1 year at least.


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