Monday, December 05, 2005

Indo Girl and her blue movie

As I have mentioned on my tag board (if anyone of u actually read it), the Bali girl I met while on my holiday there, is in Singapore. It took me 5 days to actually meet up with her, but I finally did.

Like I promised, I'll write about the date if it was funny or a total wreck like how my other dates seems to turn out of late. Bali girl is in suit with the curse that's plaguing me, on issues i've mention on my post in "the conversation that fucked me up". She is older than me, which is nothing new of late. WHY WHY WHY???

Turns out there is no date. She texted me to tell me she's leaving Singapore on mon and that she's alone in her apartment at Coasta Rhu and asked if I could accompany her. I read this in my interpretation as, "I'm leaving Singapore, I need to fuck you before I leave".

I went to her place anyway because I'm a slut and I have nothing better to do anyway. I wrote about her in my Bali post, here. Just to recap, she's not wow factor. Her body is the best thing going for her. I actually cannot remember how she looked so I got her to meet me downstairs her place.

She appeared, and I now remembered why I wasn't too keen to fuck her in Bali to begin with. What made this worse was that she didn't have any makeup on. An erection was now going to be a challenge.

Anyway, we headed up to her place and started talking about everything. It was a boring conversation, I think we talked about satay 3 times, and I now know that 'gob block' which if any of u have heard of (meaning silly), is actually Bahasa.

The most exciting thing she said was about getting her clit pierced and she told me her friend was actually crazy about me when she saw me in Bali. Well, this is the tourist charm effect I largely seem to project when I'm on holiday. Then it degenerated into how she was glad that I wasn't into her friend and that she thought I was Jap and stuff. I yawned, and said I was pretty tired.

Then, she stepped up her game. In the best turn around play of the night, she JUMPS up and says, "You want to watch my blue movie?"

If I wasn't too aliened to the term blue movie, and that it took me awhile to actually register and realised she wasn't saying "new movie", I'd safely say she scored a spectacular comeback on that. For once in the night I was interested in something else other than 'the 70s show' on MTV. Don't you just love what porn can do to a boring date?

To me, this is something of a novelty. I've NEVER watched porn with a girl before. But we all know that watching porn is usually a precursor to sex. It's like a pre game discussion on what we should do later in bed, and it kind of marks out the route to orgasmic euthopia. Everyone makes mental notes on what to do, and we drop hints on what we like. The point is of course, to out perform the actor. Which in my case, was an uphill task, since my actor had like a 14" dick, he could actually be the body double of a horse.

Anyway, this girl was trying everything to get me interested. Since it was American porn, and the girls are like fat with huge sagging boobs and CD sized areole, I totally gave it a pass. She then started asking me questions on my sexual preferences, started forwarding to the sex scenes, started bitting her lips. She tried everything, just short of throwing in the kitchen sink.

She even told me to move to the bedroom because, and I quote her verbatim explaining, "the lighting there is better". For starts, we're watching porn on a portable DVD player, how much lighting can there be? I obliged anyway because I wanted to see where this would escalate to, and since all my dates of have high propensity to turn out to be shit, we might just end up playing scrabble after all.

So we lay in bed, she had the lights dimmed and then the DVD screwed up - it's anyone's guess if this was planned. No porn, which I equate this to being a huge setback for Bali girl, since her game is tied exclusively to porn watching. I waited for her to make a second scoring play.

She says, "No porn, so maybe we can act out?"

I'll give her an A for her second remarkable comeback. I don't know about you, but I thought that was pretty good. If you disagree, your probably wrong or jealous. Fuck off.

She then confessed that one of her primary objective coming here was to fuck me. A girl travelled 4 hours to fuck me!! Well, she, in all honesty told me that it was a wager she made with her friend. I don't care if I'm a pawn in a wager. I'm a slut, if anyone one of you girls want to fuck me because you made a bet with your friend, do not let anything stop you (unless you are fat, I will laugh at you before rejecting, then laugh at you again). I've zero morals when it comes to hotties or bodies. But if you're unfuckable, DO NOT apply. I'm superficial. My dick has pride too.

Yes, my interpretation was accurate, now I just need to do this for all soccer bets. What does she want as proof? She wanted to video me, naked. I say, "Fuck off, no way am I gonna watch my naked ass streamed to the world." She compromised and requested that she filmed just my upperbody. I tell her the best I'll do is that she can video me sitting on her bed, and her friend will just have to derive the outcome from the context.

This girl is a pro, she actually managed to reverse the dynamics of our roles. I'm now that cheap slut u see on porn flicks, filmed right before the dress comes off and gets screwed. I am not happy, sex is not worth this.


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