Thursday, December 01, 2005

Girl tickles Butterfly.. shit happens

The most fucked up thing happened, but yet it turned out to be the funniest hook up EVER!

I went back with this girl, i'll have to fill in on the details later cos i need to get this down. Well, we all know what happens when someone takes u back or when u take someone back. No one's gonna be playing scrabble and no ones gonna just watch TV either. Let's face it, we're adults here.

So i we get back to her place and we start out with talking followed by some playful teasing. She starts kissing me, I playful tease her kiss and then avoid it. She starts tickling me for the stunt I just pulled, which turns out to be the biggest mistake she'll ever make.

I start struggling cos i really cannot take tickling. She sees the weakness and moves in for the kill. She tickles more.. i struggle harder and tell her to stop. And then in the most stunning reflex action ever..


I swear.. her head jerks back, she stumbles back alittle and falls to the ground clutching her nose. I immediately go over to check on her, while constantly apologising for my Gold medal worthy Karate kick. She's still clutching her nose and in her nasal voice, moaning in pain. I continue my marathon like apologies and ask if she wants ice. I thought i caught her in the face, but apparently i got her square in the nose. OUCH.

She gets up and tells me she needs to go to the bathroom. I ask her if she'll be fine, she shows me the ok sign.

So i sit there thinking.. Now that i just kicked her straight in the nose, I'd safely say thats the end of my night. Plus the fact that she looked pissed at me, Im pretty sure thats all the action i'll be getting for tonight. I think back, and I actually giggle to myself over the whole incident. Im so evil.

Well I was wrong. She gets out of the bathroom, her face wet with water, her nose slightly reddish, and she has less clothes then when she went in. Then the next couple of seconds blew me right off course..

Me: "I'm really sorry about just now.. are u ok??"
She: "Ya im fine, the nose still hurts alittle..."
Me: " I think i'd better make a move.. i'll...."

Before i even end the sentence, she jumps right on me. Literally forcing her mouth onto mine. Firstly, this girl ain't hot. But she starts stripping me. The next thing i know, she's south, giving me head. Through this ordeal, I actually do not move. This girl is crazy.. She looks at me dead in the eye as she blows me. She looks down, continues in an enthusiastic frevor i've never seen since starving Africans ravage through rations. This girl hasn't had head for a long time..

She looks up at me again and... OH MY GAWD... i see blood trickling down her nose!! And she's still furiously going at it without even realising. And what do i do?? I start giggling...

And the more i looked at it, the more i couldn't control myself. I start giggling so badly, i was shaking. I had to hold my laughter in and thats the shittiest most terrible feeling ever. I bite my hand to keep me from bursting out and i begin convulsing uncontrollably. She, thinking that the convulsion is a result of her class act blowjob, begins pumping me even faster and harder. I force myself sooo hard not to laugh, i start to choke and cough. And then, she says the funniest shit ever.

She: [taking her mouth out] "Is it good baby? U cumming yet??"

I look at her, blood is trickling down her nose after being kicked by me, and all she's concerned about is if Im cumming??? This girl is a keeper! I cant hold it in any longer, I burst out laughing


Me: "Your hahahahaha... your nose is... hahahahaha bleeding... hahahahha"

She is not amused. She wipes her nose and goes. "OH shit!!"

Im still laughing my ass off becos it actually dripped onto my pelvic. She is not amused by the whole thing. I don't blame her, but the whole scene was absolutely hilarious. The chick was giving me head after i most probably broke her nose and she was so caught up in the moment she didn't realise she's bleeding from the nose! How absurd is that! Now her nose is slightly bruised off centre nearer the cheekbones. I apologise, then giggled again.

She: "You are an asshole!"


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great post, i'll come visit again soon...erik

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