Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Butterfly and Maturity

I should be packing my bags to catch a flight for the Songkran Festival. Going up with one very hot girl as a travelling companion, a premeditated meeting with another very hot girl to be my tour guide and getting super soaked with water by hordes of hot Thai women. Raise your hand if you shrieked,


I know I did, but growing up comes with responsiblity to my work and taking leave to get my ass splashed with water while the work piles, is not an option. Yes, even I can be rational and mature at times. I hate myself.

I'm still here. The partying hasn't changed, my taste in women has and I've allowed maturity to slip from me. At 26, I'm still trapped with the enthusiam of a 19 year old to consistently beat fatigue and liver failure into submission. You'd think that I'd grow up but I haven't. Idiocy and inebriation is still a staple confession for me. It's a cyclical regression.

It also doesn't help that my friends subscribe to that same servitude to drinks and raves. Our predisposition for all things intemperate means that our praxis consist of one part vodka, one part redbull and an entirety of fun. Usually at other people's expense.

Thing is, no one really grows up. Muthu is still taking gymnastics at the clubs, CokeWhore is secretly bulimic, RollerGirl never backs down from drinks and Von is still immersed in the rave culture. My only validation to disengaging reality of growing older and refusing to acknowledge that with age comes maturity, is that almost everyone in my group is older than me.

I've almost forgot what it's like to grow up but some time in this year I'd have to start. I'm going to give monogamy a trial and learn how to spell commitment again. I'm going to learn that it's not always about me and that pregnant ladies do deserve the seat more than me, sometimes. I'm going to reduce the drinks, the fags and start hitting the gym. Ok, I was kidding about the gym part. I haven't turned gay yet.

But till I get myself knocked up, I have alot of misdemeanour to play out and alot of sobriety to kill. Here's one more reason to embrace immaturity,

If you can't read, it's the promo for OSCILLATION. I'm warning you, it's a trance event so don't go in trying to catch Usher dacing on the platform. It's this Saturday, 10pm onwards. The music is going to be INSANELY good. If not, I'll let you buy me a drink. So if you're very free and have no where to go this Sat, don't come, we don't want losers.

I'm kidding and if I don't plug this properly, Kel will kill me for spoiling his event. Everyone, do come. Even if you don't like trance, you can watch me get drunk and if you're very lucky, watch someone smash a bottle on me.

It's at BarBaaBlackChic.

Did I write all that to promote one event?


At 11:27 AM, Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

isn't that the longest promotion article you've written for yourself & that event? kekeke..!

u into trial monogramy... *roll eyes*......grinz.. good luck!

n btw, thx for reminding me of my age as well.... i'm getting! *fainted*

At 10:49 PM, Blogger paradoxical-lilium said...

It's so ridiculous. You have a flair for writing and advertising, what ya doing in shipping!

At 12:29 PM, Blogger carrie said...

hey i might be back in thailand next week too. text me if you wanna, lost your number :)

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