Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hello Taiwan Pt 7 - Luxy

It was Wednesday and the world was in unison, celebrating one of the greatest calendar dates since Christmas; we call it Ladies Night. I’ve actually never realized this was a club phenomenon practiced out of Singapore, but apparently the world celebrates feminism every mid-week.

This was a night lambasted with a dilemmatic toss between two of the best clubs Taipei had to offer. In one corner, the heavyweight, helmed by beautiful strangers and celebrities alike, offering a staple diet of house and hip hop mixes, Room 18. The challenger, famed for its foxy dancers and flamboyant bartending, with hot women abound, I present you, Luxy.

Our decision eventually swayed towards Room18 after the visual fest it gave us on Friday. It was a logical decision, since if it’s ladies night, you usually multiply the number of hot women by two. Wrong.

When we got there, the place was hardly even bordering on quarter capacity. There were probably three monkeys prancing on the dance floor and no one there looked remotely like they deserved a free drink from me.

The only rational thing to do now was to knock back some shots and head for Luxy. We got to the bar, skulled two tequila each and headed back out to flag down a cab. There wasn’t going to be room for hesitations, not even if Luxy was on fire.

The moment we got to the other area where they played Trance, LB started chatting up one of the RedBull promoters. She was cute, didn’t speak any English like most of the other Taiwanese and promised to find us again when her shift was over.

Me: “Let’s get a bottle.”
Me: “Why not?!”
LB: “You can get buy bottle if you find two girls to drink with you.”

Seldom does anything motivate me to take aggressive initiative to engage people in conversation, but this was a full bottle of Grey Goose. I will even chat Colonel Sanders up. I immediately shot towards two girls by the corner.

Me: “You girls have to drink with me.”
Girl: “Huh, why?”
Me: “If you drink, I get to buy a bottle. You don’t even need to drink all, just a sip. I’ll drink the rest.”

They obliged and I rewarded myself to a fresh bottle. Along the way we also made friends with a couple living in San Francisco and a Dutch who was there alone. The American guy, Sunny, started buying us shots and LB started telling him about my Starbucks disaster.

Once I was cleared to reward myself with a S$250 bottle of vodka, I immediately knew how my night was going to be written. I was going to be licking glass and making imaginary toasts to myself. Why shouldn’t I? I was in Taiwan and LB was sharing a drink tab that I was almost going to be single-handedly consuming. Life cannot possibly get better.

Maybe I was wrong. The only that would have been better than knocking back vodka shots, was sharing it with women.. about 10 of them. LB had requested for 2, but under the wretched influence of alcohol, I had rounded up 3 different groups and took our stable to a healthy number 13.
The down side was that there was no one whom I thought was remotely hot. Except one girl, but that was because her boobs looked like they were falling out anytime soon and I kept my focus primarily on it, just so I wouldn't miss a moment of it.

This girl was pretty cute. I don't think the pic did her justice, but I can't post the other pic of her.

If you raised up your hand and said "This is the boob girl!", give yourself a pat on the back. You are right. In case you are wondering if she's a ladyboy, allow me to put your doubts behind. She's a bona fide woman. And yes, the boobs ARE real. Trust me.

They actually asked if we wanted to grab supper together, but I was drunk and I only wanted to stay till the lights come on. Don't ask me why. I'm quite an idiot when I start to drink.

This was one of the girls that I asked to drink with us for LB to agree on blowing money to please my liver. This was the only pic I had of her without us in it.

I picked this chick up with the only pick up line I knew for the night. I wasn't drunk enough and she was the only girl I knew no one would really care if I dragged her away.

Me: "Come drink with us!"
She: "Wha..what?"
Me: "Drink.With.Me."
She: "Oh..ok."

I don't know if she was thirsty or just downright intimidated by me, but it did the trick.

These are the two girls that gave me my alcohol license for the night. I owe it to them to at least have their pics up.

Redbull Girl. Nuff said.

There were about 20 other pics of that night, but I was already passed the legal limit to be riding a bicycle and I have no interest in showing you how I look when I'm tipsy.


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