Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hello Taiwan Pt 8 - Last Party Night

I’ll cut the story short on this. For one, I got so smashed on this night, I stuck half my body out the cab in the middle of the road to puke. For my efforts, we got a NT300 penalty because I purged onto the side of the cab. You cannot imagine how thrilled LB was at this.

This was actually our last night out partying and we celebrated it with another bottle and at least half a dozen shots of tequila. This was also the last time we saw Sunny and his girl and got to know probably a dozen others. Amongst those, a handful actually turned out to be tourist like us.

All I was concerned with was my pretty waitress friend whom I got to know the last trip round. Only thing was that she warmed up to me so much faster this time round instead of playing up that icy bitch persona. She was actually the only Taiwanese who greeted me with a kiss and a bear hug followed by constantly stroking my face.

I seriously cannot remember much. I know the guy was Japanese and the woman had quite a delectable ass.
The girl on the right was actually pretty cute. Sure, she looked like she just ran out of Secondary school, but if middle schoolers looked this good, I'm going down for cheap canteen food daily.

This is Amanda. My favourite waitress. On normal circumstance, I'd have taken our flirting back to my place, but this girl had a boyfriend who was a bartender. And last I checked, my life still depended heavily on alcohol.

I couldn't remember her name all night long so I just called her "girl in white". She got pretty cheeky towards the end.

She: "You like to take so many picture for what? Sell them is it?"

Me: "I'm drunk. I'm going to pee, come out and not remember whatever you just said. Wait here. I'll be back."

I came back and she was gone and I insisted LB find her for me.

That's Sunny and his girlfriend. The funny thing was, the people whom we drank with all night came from all over the world.

Sunny was Taiwanese, his girl was Cambodian, there was that Japanese guy, a Hongkie lady, a Malaysian, one Swede, an American and god knows what I've missed. It was like having an early Olympics at the the club. All we needed was some flags, coloured cardboards and dice, and we could all qualify as a Risk board prop.

Some members of our United Nations gathering.

I was already tpsy by the time I took this shot. Any longer and I might have been staring at her chest instead.

Amanda had given me 2 shots of Tequila on the house to celebrate her coming birthday. The bartender LB and I got to know gave me another round. And I ended up buying three more on my own. With all that Tequila in me, I was probably half Mexican that night.

Towards the end, I was complaining to LB that they had cleared my bottle, which I vehemently contested wasn't empty. That was till LB assured me that it was and that I drank the last of it. Perhaps, I was more drunk than I thought I was.

By the time LB had gotten me into the cab, I was constantly shouting,

"Where's my vomicue."

Say what? Yes, I have no idea myself. I presumed I was trying to say, 'Vomit Cue", which still didn't make much sense anyway. I spent the next 3 hours giving the toilet bowl a blowjob. I woke up the next day feeling like I swallowed a squirrel and that bugger was still running in my stomach.

I eventaully puked at some public toilet and clogged up the toilet bowl. You cannot imagine how much I puked. I might have dropped a weight class.


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