Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Absolute Worst Night EVER

It would have been so nice if i could recount Sue's bday at O Bar. But i cant, not that i was drunk, but cos something far more significant happened. My life will never be the same again. All the horrible hook ups now seem like dream dates on a carribean cruise. Those boring conversations, ugly women, foreplay that went horribly wrong and sex follies... i miss them all. Cos tonight, i get caught for drink driving.

The life i enjoy is fast fading. Being pulled over at the road block, failing the fuck shit of a breath test, and brought back to the police station. Its all like a second ago.

I sit in the police waiting room for my second breath test. Three others shared my fate that night, on of which managed to pass the second test. I fail, 50mg/100. Life sucks.

I wait at least 3 hours in the room before any statement is taking. Some Swiss guy is there with me. He's the general manager of Spizza and a few other joints. We joke about if they were gonna hang us. The absolute futility of jokes.

LB comes to bail me out. I'm now officially fucked. I will soon test the theroy if having a car equates to getting more dates.


I recount my year of mishaps. Its actually been a pretty bad year. Lets see..

a) i nearly get bombed to death in Bali
b) i broke up with my gf of 5 yrs
c) i have a string of bad hook ups, u can read them here
d) i get fined for beating a red light, and now i have my license revoked

The shit thing now is that after the 29th, i won't be able to drive for at least a year. That's terrible, by the time i get to retake my license, Mitusubishi would have launched EVO 28.
The other shitty thing is that i'm supposed to change my car in March, which means i won't even get to pedal the gas till 2007! FUCK ME IN THE ASS! Petrol could already be exhausted by then.

I've changed my criteria in women. I no longer need hot asses.. i need women who drive. I'm logging on to to find me a women within walking distance. In case u don't know, im a spoilt brat. Taking public transport is seriously going to kill my dating life. Even with a car, i do not date people living in the West. I'll now probably not date anyone beyond a 3km radius.

I now belong to the majority, im a commoner. The silver lining is that i'll be able to use my EZ link card to buy Macs. I hate being a commoner.. I miss being the spoilt brat. I spent the whole evening talking to SnowWhite, my other close female friend, and she thinks all i need to get over this LONG LONG phase is a galfriend. Any takers? Apply only if u can drive.


At 10:53 AM, Anonymous ryan said...

hey bro.. haha welcome to e 'carless' club..

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think not having a car isn't so bad


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