Sunday, May 28, 2006

Butterfly and Taiwanese Girls

I have to retract all defamatory ascriptions I've said in my Taiwan pt1 post on Taiwanese girls. Blame it on the jet-lag or non-existant leg room and dismal comfort value of Jetstar Asia, but I must have been blind or biased to say that Taiwanese girls aren't prettier than the girls back home. I apologise. Credit where credit is due, so here goes..

Spinnee, you are right. Taiwanese are prettier in general. The amount of pretty girls in Taiwan is insane. I cannot walk on the streets for 5 mins without turning my head to stare or sit in the train without the possibility of missing my stop or disregarding my destination to follow a girl out. This never happens back home. Maybe its the tourist effect but the girls here rock. Everything from the over elaborate grunge meets hip hop get up to the eyeliners to the stylish cut hair right out of a magazine. Taiwanese girls look so good I'm hoping to kidnap one back.

I'll post pictures when I get back.. I have tons of them, with different girls. I pissed a few off last night because I kept taking with other girls and they kept complaining about my frivolous nature. Thats me. Being overseas is not going to help matters. I have too many people I want to date and not enough time, hence the possibilty of extending my stay.

The thing about Taiwanese is that they generally have sharp features, which I like. Although I've been out couple of times with one that has a cute button nose. The other thing is that Taiwanese girls are wild and have no regards for the presence of their boyfriends. I got one of them to kiss me on the lips while her boyfriend was walking out and all the guys in my group wanted the same goodbye treatment. She gave out kisses like hotcakes on a Sunday morning. Anyone smart enough to kiss me can't possibly be a slut.

The other girl I liked was this icy waitress who's boyfriend was a bartender in the bar. Fuck him, I kept hitting on her all night till she finally told me she thinks I'm cute, then told me to call her on Sunday. I was abit tipsy but LB kept telling me she's very into me.

Me: "Are you sure? What about the boyfriend?"
She: "It's ok. Just call me on Sunday ok?"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm a slut. You guys should all love me for the amount of girls I made kiss me. I'm an asshole, but I deserve it. Hey, I sat through a blowjob, I need to be rewarded.

Yah, and some fuck face gay tried to pick me up last night. His name was "So Good", I fucking kid you not. I spent 5 secs laughing into his face about the name, till he asked if I wanted to head off somewhere. Not Funny.

In total we probably picked up enough girls to form a soccer team. All that and 4 bottles of whiskey. Wicked. Seriously, speaking English is really good. Everyone loves a tourist.

note: I'll rewrite this entry when I get back.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Jack said...

I'm going back to Taiwan this Nov. Heh heh..

At 1:48 PM, Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

Living a la vida loca life ah!!!

Yes... taiwanese are generally cute, know how to dress, has fair skin...!

and not much of fatty pom poms on the street at one go (just look at our orchard... oh fuck) :)

At 11:16 PM, Blogger Ecstasy said...

Bring some of those girls back with you mate! Share the goodies haha.

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