Friday, August 18, 2006

The Butterfly's 'To-Do' List

There are some things in life I've marked as calender dates with infamy and immortality. Like all mere mortals, I have dreams and goals. My life isn't always about sex and alcohol, it's also about accomplishing things before I hit 30. I'm living an accerated life, packing it with a nauseating dose of vice and good fortune to have what I want, so far..

You should have read enough about me to know that morals are liabilities I cannot afford for the life I'm living. I am void of it, only for the set of mutable code of conduct I adhere to.. usually. While I am an asshole, there are stuff which I pride myself with. And that is honesty, my only gift of a smutty pleasantry for those privileged enough to know me by name.

You must know that I, have NEVER sweet talked anyone just for a good romp in the sack and breakfast in bed the morning after. Come to think of it, I'll almost NEVER say anything remotely sweet. Scarletrose, constantly reminds me that I am mean and almost nothing nice ever comes out of me. Hence my intrinsic vlaue. There is never a contrivance in the way I date or hook up. My success is helmed upon my ability to thrill and entice you.

I'm writing this only because recently I've added another check to my list. I FINALLY did something that has long eluded me. For now, I'll save the story. Instead, I'll share with you my list. Call it a validation of growing up, castigate me for my ignominies or worship my chef-d'oeuvre (if you call what I do an art), a name by any other still deserves commendation. This is..

The Butterfly's List of Disapprobation. My list to accomplish before I dispairingly turn 30.

1. Date/hook up up with a Japanese .
2. Koreans
3. Vietnameses
4. Thais
5. PRCs
6. Hong Konger
7. Caucasians (Any will do, as long as you're white)
8. Taiwanese
9. Malaysian / Indonesian
10. Indian

I've not done 2, 7 and 10. I really want to do a 2, might want to do a 7 and don't really wish to do a 1o. That's me, it's personal.

11. Fuck a girl with Tattoo
12. Fuck twins
13. Fuck a transsexual
14. Fuck a lesbian
15. Fuck a Golden retriever (just checking if you're paying attention)

I'm only adding point 13 because I'm pretty sure at one point in my life, I will be too piss drunk to tell fact from fiction and I'll wake up next to a post Op. Hey, I call that retribution. She'd better be hot.

16. Fuck a Nurse
17. Air Stewardess
18. A Teacher
19. Bartender
20. An Accountant or anything in a power suit.
21. A DJ
22. A Lawyer
23. A Doctor
24. A Model
25. A Mother
26. A Waitress
27. A Car Sales Exec
28. A Celebrity (Someone really famous)
29. A Dancer
30. A Wanton Mee Hawker

Oh yes, even I have professional fetishes. Nothing beats a sweaty 45 yr old auntie with unshaved armpits, frying my plate of Fried Oysters. UMMMM yummy.

Ok these are the serious ones.

31. Back-packing round Europe
32. Travel First Class
33. Get a tattoo
34. Film my own movie (even if it's porn)
35. Run down the street naked.
36. Get thrown out the club.
37. Travel the whole Singapore on MRT, in a day
38. Watch Sunset / Sunrise
39. Fall in love in 24hrs
40. Attend a wedding and a funeral in the same day
41. Bungee jump
42. Stike 4D or Toto
43. Drive a Ferrari
44. Wear a dress to a club
45. A FFM threesome.
46. Date someone taller/fatter
47. Drink 20 shots in a night
48. Have a drink named after me --> I really want this. There should be a drink called, Butterfly
49. Write a book
50. Grow old with someone.

Naturally I've accomplish some of the things here but I've also added more things to the list through time. It's really an inexhaustable list, matched only by my insatiable appetitite for gratification. The list is close to being 100 items long but I won't divulge to you in my emotional intimacies.

There are things I've done and people whom I've met in this past year or so that has influenced me in more ways than one. I've met alot of them, some have touched me with tears and kisses, and others through a really mean blowjob. I love them all, some more than others. Some have taken my breath away and others my breakfast and lunch. Yes, even for me, life is fair.

My life is sometimes somnambulistic. I wade dreamily through accquaintences and I have no conscience nor self-moderation. I'm slowly beginning to grow weary of my casket social lifestyle and my interest in anything sexual is based on certain ascribed novelty factors. When it comes to hook ups, the routine of vanilla sexual foreplay is getting to me.

I have yet to, but will in the close future, FINALLY commit to anal, on a girl (NATURALLY SO!!). It's a new frontier that I've been avoiding and rejecting. I need a new addiction in life, I've after all done it with chemically induced nymphos, and once you experience THEIR kind of enthusiasm, you'd rather have your dog lick off your balls than hook up with anyone who thinks oral sex is about dirty pillow talk.

EDIT: I accomplished one more feat. I am king.


At 8:52 PM, Blogger Scarletr0se said...

Ya you don't say anything nice one... BUT you said many nice things to ME what. hehehehe! that's all that fuckin matters dude. :P

and the strike thingy.. it's really damn simple. you shudda just call me up and ask . ASK u fucker.

just < strike >

and end it with the ending

/ code.

simple as that.

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Clarence said...

lol looks like the next article is going to be about that thing u just did. A really well done to-do list.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

*rub eyes* that's a .. long list.

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