Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Stories

These are all the stories. The Hook Up Stories are the best generally, so read all. I'll denote a * on the others worth reading. Don't even say u love me if you haven't read the classics.

The Hook Up Stories
The Box Of Surprise
The One with the Butterfly
The One About The Red Eye
*The 3 in 24 Story
The Broken Rubber
Butterfly and the Cleptomaniac
Butterfly does Europe
*The Climax Story
*Ass Rimmed!
*Butterfly does Snuff
*The First Blowjob Story
*Butterfly tries a foursome.. bad idea
*Drinks and Drugs, not good for Sex
*Girl Tickles Butterfly..shit happens
*The Crazy Bitch Story
*The Internet dating story
*The Shortest Date
*The Sugar Mummy Proposal
*The Fake Boobs Story
*Butterfly gets girl into trouble
*Butterfly Sex Tease
*The Booty Call story
The Cialis Test Kit Story
Butterfly and the Hole Story
Butterfly and his Sushi
Indo Girl and Blue Movie
The One that Almost won
Other bad stories
The Cake Story
The Ivory chronicles:
The Butterfly Xmas Special
Girls are Weird
Butterfly is lost for words
The Ivory Dinner Debacle
September :
September Chronicles
Miss September
The Chastity Belt Weekend

Why What I Say is Right

It's Called Pants
How to Lose Your Partner in 10 Ways - Pt 4
How to Lose Your Partner in 10 Ways - Pt 3
How to Lose Your Partner in 10 Ways - Pt 2
How to Lose Your Partner in 10 Ways - Pt 1
And Here, Lies
*The Disobedient Muscle
*Giving Excuses
About White Lies
The Dating Showhand
Throwing A Straight Ball
Courtesy words
Hope is not what you need
*The Dating Dictionary
*The Relationship Life Cycle - Female
*The Relationship Life Cycle - Male
*How To Be An Asshole
*Men and Colours
We Are Just A Statistic
YouTube's Best Pt1
The L Word
Everyone should learn English
Butterfly pitches for Bangkok
Butterfly's remix on pickup lines
*Surviving Orchard Towers
You are fat when people say
Hello Karma
How men and women differ
How men and women differ - pt 2
Memories are evil
Pregnancy cures insomnia
*When Men Become Pussies
*How to get over a break up
*Love is solved by Butterfly
Butterfly's Motivational Slogans
How to date a Butterfly
*Butterfly's Marketing Pt 3
*Butterfly's Marketing Pt 2
*Butterfly's Marketing Pt 1
It's Called
*How to die right
How to be a Butterfly
Butterfly's Dictionary
*Things to do after sex
*How to Propose
The Laws of Butterfly pt 2
The Laws of Butterfly pt 1
You know you're gay when
*If You Can't Dance
*Why People Should Never Change
*People to get stoned
Butterfly's To-Do-List
*Why Alcohol is good
*How to Execute a Proper Breakup
Why Dates Should Be Silent
*Why Foreign Girls Rule

The Birthday Stories
The 26 Drinks Pub Crawl
*Butterfly's birthday
Butterfly's Birthday 2006
Reznor's birthday
*LB's birthday- The Magnificent 9
*Blaque's birthday stories

The Club Stories

Friday Suffle
Friday's A Pain
Friday fight Night

Faking the Stag Night
Consequence of Luminous Friday
Luminous Friday
The Speed Date With a Twist
The Shinigami Halloween
Back to The Toilet Days
Butterfly Goes to Gigolo Bar
Butterfly digs peer pressure
Butterfly Goes For Fuel
Playing Host Pt 1
Playing Host Pt 2
Club of the Beautiful

Life In The Mid Week
Night Of Mis-Incidences
ZoukOut '08
That Day With The Bottle
That Halloween '08
The F1 Weekend pt-1
The F1 Weekend pt-2
Butterfly goes for Muay Thai event
The One where LB gets drunk
The Schizo Flasher
We Get Drunk
The Zoukout Toilet Incident
Butterfly is a horrible person
Butterfly Attempts Pub Crawl...Fails
Lesson 4: Pick Up Lines
The Faux Identity Story
Butterfly goes Transmission
Flirting with disaster
*The School Uniform Party
Worst Christmas
Euphoria Pt2
Euphoria Pt1
Butterfly Goes ZoukOut
Butterfly Does Halloween
Back to Alcohol

Butterfly Returns
*Butterfly Goes Cleopetra
*Butterfly gets pimped to a Whale
Butterfly goes Attica, pisses girl off
The 10 Drink Challenge
Butterfly goes to Thai Disco
Drunk Butterfly almost dies
Butterfly goes for Tiesto
Mambo is for the deaf
A Regular Saturday
*Who Needs Valentines Day
*The New Year countdown
Butterfly trashes talks
Butterfly goes to Gay pub
Butterfly resumes Clubbing
*Pre-Xmas Parties
*Butterfly Invades KM8 Pool
Chinablack, the last resort
The return to Zouk
Butterfly goes for John Digweed
Butterfly gets drunk, doesn't remember shit
*The Korean Sisters
O Bar with the gals
Of Kimchi and Ba Chor Mee
Butterfly goes Club Momo
Butterfly meets The Nose
Getting picked up is not good
Rules of Engagement
Wednesday Fishing
Butterfly goes to MoS
Almost Mind Fucked
Drinking and Shuffling
Being Sober is Not good
The Chinese New Year Wkend

The Other Stories
The One About The Stairs
June is for change

Thank You For Not Talking
Butterfly Goes On Cruise
The First Accident
MSN Spam
The Thing About Chinese New Year
Butterfly Hates Time Share
Butterfly Goes For Time Sharing
Hello 2010, Goodbye 2009
That Vegetarian Dinner
Cramps the Way
The One About The iPhone
This is Enzo
The One About Bobdog
Butterfly Goes to Turf Club
Butterfly Hates Virus
Butterfly Goes For Lady Gaga
Butterfly Meets Ninjas
Reservist Tales '09
That Debate
iPhone Screws
mIRC days
Chinese New Year Sucks
Butterfly Hates Jurong Point
GT4's Wedding pt 2
GT4's WEdding pt 1
Tattoo and Mum Story
Best of 2008
Hello. I'm Getting Hitched
*The Wax Story
Butterfly goes for facial
The Home Entertainment Story
The House Party with the four
Snippets of being sick
Butterfly hates credit cards
When idiots tell riddles
Atila - the legend
The Trench Chronicles
*The Signaller
Bird gives Butterfly an epiphany
The Concert
Designer Condoms
Butterfly on MSN
Hello 2008, Goodbye 2007
Butterfly watches environmental film
Finding the Conscience
Butterfly leaves survey woman speechless
Butterfly gets punched
The Cable Ski Story
The House Party Pt1
*The House Party Pt2
Butterfly does Yoga
*Butterfly's Colleagues
The Car and Tissue Story
The Roof and Shoe Story
End of Months
Butterfly and Reznor makes cop apologise
Butterfly Meets the Exs' Pt1
Butterfly does driving
Butterfly and Maturity
Butterfly meets angry Hobbit
End of Anonymity
Year in review 2006
Butterfly does selective hearing
MRT kicks ass
*The Suicide Stories
*Butterfly Meets Psycho Whale
Butterfly gets Battered
Butterfly Bed Ridden
Butterfly Does Photoshoot
Butterfly Interlude
Girl Pisses Butterfly off badly
Whale Trips, gets laughed at
Butterfly Panics on Train
Butterfly gets last laugh
Expiry on Stupidity
*Butterfly hates colleague
*The Condom Story
Wrestling Rules
The birthday wish
Girl farts, tries to deny it
Lifestory pt1
Lifestory pt2
Butterfly causes guy great distress
Butterfly cuts hair, depression ensues
Butterfly goes for Commencement
*Butterfly debates with cab driver
*Butterfly Games
*Butterfly Breakups
*Butterfly sit through a blowjob
*Hate mail, Fan mail, Beer Survey
*Things You Should Know About Me
*The Hospital Saga pt 1
*The Hospital Saga pt 2
The Best Wedding Ever
End of A Social Life
The Last of School
First Wedding Dinner
Why the Butterfly Flutters
*The Ladyboy Discourse
*The Drunk Driving Night
*The 'Blind' Date
*The Phone Survey
*The Guy's Story Sharing
*Butterfly steals, gets caught
*Stupid Girl tries to date Butterfly
*Butterfly goes to court
*Butterfly argues with kids
*The Conversation that fucked me up
*The Car Ride with Blaque
*Butterfly goes for fashion show
Butterfly goes to work
The First Date in Ages
Butterfly Goes Prawning
The Worst Night Ever
Sympathy meal
The Best Afternoon Entertainment Ever
*The Christine Story
LB drunk
The Superficial Queen
*The most glamourous puking
Girls and Assholes
Being an Asshole 101
The Viet Story
The lesson on Self Doubt
Lesson 3: the club's queue
Butterfly Does not make it to ZoukOut
Year in review
The Drunk week

The Holiday Stories

Turi Beach
Bangkok pt1

Bangkok pt2
Butterfly hates Desaru
The KL12

New York:
*Pt 1 - Turbulence
Pt 2 - Hello Manhattan
Pt 3 - Memo
Pt 4 Survival
Pt 5
Pt 6 - Strip Club
Pt 7 - Comedy Club

The Bangkok Blitz:
Pt 1
Pt 2
Pt 3
Pt 4

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong 2009:

*HK rave club
Sleepless in china

Port Dickson:

The Australia Saga: I'll write in the hook ups on this trip on a seperate entry
Perth pt1
Perth pt2
Perth pt3
Adelaide pt1
Adelaide pt2
OZ pictures

The Taiwan Saga:

Butterfly's 2 weeks of debauchery
Taiwan Pic Story pt 1
Taiwan Pic Story pt 2
10 things why Butterfly hates Taiwan
10 things why Butterfly loves Taiwan
Butterfly and Taiwanese girls
Taiwan Pt 1

The Phuket Escape:
Pt 1
Pt 2
Pt 3
Pt 4
Pt 5

The Phuket Return:
Pt 1 - Welcome to Sin City
Pt 2 - The God Theory
Pt 3 - The Dating
Pt 4 - Oil Massage Debacle
Pt 5 - The Airport Story
Pt 6 - The Last Night

The Perth Stories:
The loose stories
The Conka's night
The night we got high
The 'Pick me up'
The Vacant House Story

Bangkok'ed :
Pt 1
*Pt 2 - The Morning Story
Pt 3

Hello Taiwan 2007:
Pt 1 -
Pt 2 - The Angel Story
Pt 3 - The Clubs
Pt 4 - The Language Stories
Pt 5 - Taichung
Pt 6 - The Room
Pt 7 - Luxy
Pt 8 - Last Party Night
Pt 9 - New Years Countdown
Pt 10 - The Round Up

The PD Weekend Pt1
The PD Weekend Pt2

Ohaiyo Tokyo:
Pt 4 - The Taxi
Pt 3 - Ageha
Pt 2 - Womb
Pt 1

Freedom In Malacca:
Pt 3
Pt 2
Pt 1

Pt 5
Pt 4
Pt 3
Pt 2
Pt 1

Genting Rave Story:
Pt 1
Pt 2
Pt 3